Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Soaking Up Autumn Temps While I Can

I have trouble NOT hauling things into the house when I am trying to get rid of things, to make things simpler around here! I have rule of one in, two out, but still I am loosing ground. I am like squirrels gathering nuts for winter; I am out soaking up the warm sun, dashing into used book stores and flea markets and trying to store up thoughts and pleasure for when the snow flies. The last two days have been unbelievably gorgeous, and I know it is the last of weather perfection since rain and chill are in the forecast.

Yesterday I ran to the hardware store and could not resist a visit at the flea market next door. It was fascinating in there since they had so much new stuff, and the gal has it arranged in such cute way. I find a flea market is often like a museum to me as I see many things from my past, often spurring me on to write a poem or story when I see a memory sitting on the shelves. Yesterday I found several things including some unnecessary items for sure—like these egg coddlers.

I have a few egg coddlers and these were not gorgeous. However, something about them captured my attention besides the fact they were a matched pair of Royal Worchester from England and in the original box. The lines from J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan say “The Indians disappear, as they have come, --like shadows.” The coddlers are from the 1970’s and are considered politically incorrect in refering to and showing depictions of Indians.

I also picked up a pair of Blue Willow egg cups. Tiny and made by Meakin in England, they are different for me as I have no egg cups. I doubt I will ever serve eggs in cups (although I have used a couple of my coddlers), but they are fun to add to my other Blue Willow.

Today I had a very early appointment for my check up at the skin cancer doctor. Before I met a friend for lunch, I had time to go by the Goodwill where Tuesday is Senior Discount Day. They were teeming with folks looking for extra bargains. I found these two saucers. The little roses plate will go to a friend who collects and the other one is up for grabs. I don’t know the pattern but the gold rimmed saucer is bone chine from Kent in England. They were so cheap! Anyone need this saucer to match a cup?

After lunch my friend and I shopped in a kicking little boutique where nothing looked or fit me. She found a shirt but most of it was too wild…but fun to gaze at for a spell. I found a great ruffled neck scarf and a purse in browns. The rest of it was all spike heels, rhinestones, and tights in leopard prints. We laughed a lot and then headed to a new used book store where we spent $7 between us for five books!

Tomorrow…well, let’s see what tomorrow brings!


Linda O'Connell said...

I love the saucers. I don't do teacups, but I use these little gems to display chunky candles. I also have two dainty little dishes that I use for coasters. Just glued a circle of felt to the bottom. Thrift store shopping is fun!

BECKY said...

You collect the neatest things, Claudia! I had never heard of the knife holders before, that you wrote about a few months ago. And egg coddlers? Very cool!!

paperbutterfly said...

You had a great day!! What fun!! I love the hunt and the thrifty finds. Look forward to you sharing some with the ladies on a Tuesday.
Thank you for your comments.
Blessings, Pam

Betty Craker Henderson said...

I'm trying to look and not buy! It helps to come to your site and see what you've found. Thanks for sharing. Great stuff.

sara said...

I am a new follower. Thanks for visiting my blog 8aplenty. I am in love with the little egg cups!