Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blogger of Note, Wednesday, November 17th

First of all, let me thank Pam and Sandy at (http://ourwisdomofwords.blogspot.com) for making me a Blogger of Note today and Becky (http://beckypovich.blogspot.com/) for nominating me. Also I want to send greetings and gratitude to those of you who are visiting me today. I resisted blogging for so long, but once I jumped into this online world, have met many warm and supportive people. Like many other baby boomers, I faced an unwelcome recession that coupled with age brought life changes, aging parents, job losses, children gone from home, and all the other moans of these times. I wanted a place to write that forced me to see the glass half full each day. Blogging was the very unique answer with a new world for me.

My blog is a random collection of thoughts and experiences that was meant first of all for just me. However, I met many new people and connected to new ideas and interests. I now know that there are other women out there with a tea cup addiction and they don’t hide it. Seeing the wonderful tea cup and tea tables of others has been plain and inexpensive for fun me—if you don’t count my renewed habit if seeking out great cups in flea markets. A good cuppa tea is one of the easiest yet most pleasurable forms of bliss available. Sharing it with someone, even online, only enriches your own tea moments.

Through my blog, I have also found support for my writing. I have made connections with so many interesting writers and writing styles. It seems writers are one of the most generous groups ever as they share their shortcuts, tips, leads, and potential markets. Among many,  I have connected with a trio of writers right here in my home state. Although they are four hours away and we have never met face to face, they are what I call my writing sistas. Linda who exchanges poetry critiques with me, Donna who among other things lead me to write a story that has recently been accepted by the literary journal Rosebud, and Becky who keeps me on the light side through her own blog and occasionally lets me whine behind the lines.

I hope you can find some amusement here at my blog once in a while even if you can not visit every day. Maybe you can check a tea cup, appreciate my flea market finds, enjoy any writing tidbits I post, or simply note the change of seasons and daily breathes I take as I move ahead through my days.

Three Previous Posts you might enjoy are a movie review of Winter's Bone, memories of May Baskets, and a book review/memories of houses in my life.



There is still time to participate in the memoir give away at : http://claudiapage-bookie.blogspot.com/2010/11/this-that-and-give-away-drawing.html.


Susan said...

Hello Bookie...I definitely enjoy your blog and enjoy you! I think blog friends are the best. Susan

BECKY said...

Hi Claudia! Congrats on being the BON today! You know I think your blog is always very interesting and diverse! AND, I definitely love to see your tea cups and other flea market finds! Thanks for the mention, although you certainly didn't need to! I'm sure that someday you, Donna, Linda and I will all be able to meet....for tea!!

Linda O'Connell said...

Hi Claudia,
Congrats on your acceptance in Rosebud. I feel as if I know you, too. Thanks for the shout out.

Bossy Betty said...

Congrats on being BON! Nice to meet you!

Lora said...

congratulations on being today's BON! I'm always happy to meet a new blog friend :)

Katie Gates said...

Congrats on your BON day, Claudia. I just read the three links and enjoyed them all. The book review and your memories of houses-gone-by was positively enchanting. Beautifully written; it really moved me. I'm signing on to follow and I look forward to returning!

Betty Craker Henderson said...

I'm getting really hooked on this blogging business...beats keeping a journal and lets me share funny stuff right off the bat! I'm really happy to be reading your stuff and congrats on being named today's BON! Keep up the good work and I'll keep on following.