Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crowding Me

Cancer is crowding me and it has been most ugly here. Been in hospital three days. Pain now at home. More to come. Cancer is having a choke hold on me, but I won’t cry uncle any sooner than I have too.
I want all of you blogger friends to know I am still trying to read but it is hard. I can’t comment much either. Know that I am still out here trying and I am still following you best I can.

Peaches were damaged in the spring and not many this year. The season will be short and expensive. On the way home from the hospital we stopped at a stand humming with people buying what was available which were these gorgeous soft ball sized fruits! We bought enough to share. I can’t do much for my friends, but I can share a delicious and beautiful fruit. So much fun to share! I so wish I could send you readers a peach in this blog but next best thing is my friend’ picture!

 In days to come I probably won’t be able to write much, but I have decided to post a few poems along. If I repeat, forgive me. Leaving my writing is one the most painful goodbyes. I can toss out certain things, give away my treasures, etc. but I can’t stand the thoughts of my words and images being destroyed. Friends, you must keep them for me! Thanks!