Monday, November 1, 2010

Lucky Me!


Welcome to November!

I have never considered myself very lucky at winning things, but the last few months have been great for me. I have had some blog wins that have been super fun. Thanks Susan and Becky!

Note the blue socks from Becky’s blog ( just in time for chilly nights.

Then I won an autumn drawing from Susan’s blog ( that included this honeycomb turkey! I didn’t know they still made these as this was the kind of decorations from my childhood. Loved it when the seasonal decorations came out around my classroom, when we began to color pages and write little ditties to celebrate flags, pilgrims, and reindeer. I loved the change of seasons in the Midwest and looked forward to each one.

Over the years, I have changed some and now am not crazy about Halloween. It became a day of smashed pumpkins, older kids trolling neighborhoods, and devilment instead of clean fun. So I am glad it is laid to rest now for another year, and we can move on to turkey days! I love Thanksgiving because it is so non-commercial other than for cranberries and baked turkeys. Often it is a day families can be outside if not gathered around a dining table or football games. Oh, weather can be bad, but it is not usually heavily winter like Christmas holiday often is.

One of the first wins of anything for me was a turkey at a fall turkey shoot. I bought a ticket from a shooter and I won a 21 pound bird! The only problem was I was a newlywed living in a tiny Hazelwood apartment. I had no pan big enough and I had only a tiny freezing compartment in an apartment-sized refrigerator. My Granny was flying out for Thanksgiving so I found ways to make do. I was so excited to see my Granny, to be fixing my first Thanksgiving dinner away from home. Everything was ready but Gran missed her plane in Kansas and the trip was over. I had 21 pounds of turkey cooked. DH and I ate turkey through the four day weekend alone and then I wrapped the rest of the meat in small bundles of aluminum foil. We were eating turkey until February of the next year and for a long while, we passed on anything turkey related!

After a nasty fall on a wet floor at a McDonald’s this weekend, I am greeting this November slowly today. A trip to the chiropractor first thing this morning and setting up my honeycomb turkey are my major achievements today. Skies are a November gray, leaves flutter down, but temps are comfortably seasonal. I think I will brew a pot of tea and linger over the warm steam as I do a Madeleine L’ Engle thing today: Just BE.
If you want to try your own hand a luck, go over to Lisa Richard Claro's bog. Looks like she is offering some great prizes and you might enjoy her pages of writing tips. Go to:


Beth said...

Bookie, I really enjoyed your story about the 21 lb turkey! Funny! I am sorry about your fall and hope you feel better soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. When you indicated you knew about Hermann, I thought you were most likely a midwesterner! It's such a fun place to go!
Blessings, Beth

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hi Bookie! Sorry I'm so delayed in visiting...NaNoWriMo has about killed me this week. I'm finally catching up on other things, like saying thank you to you for mentioning my blog contest! Your name will be entered twice for the contest drawing. :)

Your turkey story is funny, though I imagine you weren't laughing at the time and your disappointment must have been enormous. Still, it sounds as if you made a good time of it.

Sorry about your fall and glad it wasn't any worse than it was. Hope you feel better soon.