Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Shopping at Give Aways?

Have you noticed a scurrying begin to occur? People beginning to think the calendar is turning too fast? Folks are moving into the frantic holiday spirit. Not me, I want to hang on to autumn as long as I can.

This weekend a friend started her decorating for Christmas. But her son will be home for Thanksgiving for first time in two years and won't be there for Christmas. Yet, when the rest of us see her tree, lights, and snowmen appear, we feel panic feelings that time is fly by.

This morning I had time to look at the newest issue of New Mexico magazine. I saw a picture of the cathedral in Santa Fe being kissed by snow. It looked peaceful although I know shoppers scurry around the Plaza during the holidays too. But I could almost hear the hymns and old carols being sung in that beautiful church. New Mexico is a spiritual place, and I think I would like to go there for Christmas some day. No presents, just an adobe church somewhere in the Santo Cristo Mountains on a snowy, starry night with songs of the Nativity.

Meanwhile, my real world waits today. My give away is a week from today. See
Tonight is Becky's great giveaway at You still have over there and toss your name in the ring! And yet one more give away that ends today is Lisa's at Ya' all better consider shopping at give aways!


Linda O'Connell said...

Write the story of a woman who takes that voyage tot he adobe church in the Santo Cristo mountains. I am right there with you.

Jenny said...

Wow, love all the giveaways! Wouldn't it be fun to do all your shopping like that? ha!