Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday night and I look at the calendar. I am shocked to see that we are right on February’s door step. January here has been warmer and drier than normal. Some days are getting up to a sunny 60 degrees…climate change? Weathermen have predicted a couple of rains that have not shown up; they are predicting rain again for early in the week. Unfortunately, they are also predicting some possible severe weather. It is hard not to feel uneasy. Weather is a demon any more.

I have been attending a class at a local church called Writing Your Life in Faith. It has been interesting and a book discussion group might spiral off from this group. It has been fun to write with very little pressure. All is optional to write or read aloud. It has been pleasant to hear the other writers and their takes on the assignment. Tomorrow we write about the Garden of Life and what flower, fruit or vegetable we would be there. I am a potato…because I feel like I am usually in the dark when others are flowering!

My poinsettias, grape ivies, and Cousin Sel plants are all reaching for the windows. They would like to be outdoors, as would we all. Despite the warmth and sun, it is just TOO early. This week I bought a small bunch of cut flowers…as a reminder that spring will come…in her own good time.

January has been a good writing season. I have ten submissions so far this month. I have an essay started and notes made for a second one. I have done a poem for the Crawford County Bombadils. The President assigned an anaphora poem this month so I learned something new when I participated.

Speaking of writing, who all is going to the OWL meeting in Branson in mid-February?


Susan said...

Oh, Bookie, ten submissions! How awesome. Do you find all the markets online? Just by surfing? I think that's wonderful you have ten in! Congratulations.

Your perky flowers are like a breath of springtime.

Thanks so much for all your faithful visits to my blog. You are the best. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, I am utterly shocked that our daffodils have popped up in January. This may be the new norm. Glad you found a great group to join. It sounds like fun. ten submissions? Wow!

Jenny said...

Ten! Gosh. That is seriously impressive!

It sounds like you are hunkered down in your writing bunker! Good for you!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Ten submissions! Good for you! You don't sound like a potato to me. :)