Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's January and I Need a Wife!

Do you find writing exhausting? Yes, I know it is fun, challenging and gratifying, but does it leave you drained as well?

It is January, and I write. I have so many ideas that I am just trying to get them down as fast as I can for rewriting and editing later. Just following these characters through their days and seeing where they go is work! I find I can’t read with leisure until I get back to the computer and hammer out some scenes that beg to be captured. The characters speak in my head until I can’t hear the words in my books!

Then there is housekeeping, yuck. Never have I  been so aware of Michener’s advice that every writer needs a wife. How I could use a wife in January!!! Hubby asked me yesterday if I had done laundry. Well, yes, I did laundry last month, last year, and in the last decade. No, he said, “I mean have you done laundry recently?”

Okay, so I put a load in last night to wash and dry as we went to bed. Yes, dangerous move, I know. This morning I got up at 5:45…read Scripture mediation…a chapter in book club book….25 minutes of exercise…tea pot on and fiber muffin…writing for an hour.

Then DH awakened…so soon!!!! I smiled and went to set machines tumbling and groaning with more laundry. Browned meat for lunch, taco salads…made sugar free dessert for healthy living…brewed more tea…folded a load. Back to write an hour. Changed washer load to dryer and reloaded washer. Fetched mail that held nothing good. Sat down to write more on a story….well, you know how it goes, lunch time quickly arrived, and DH waltzed in from his shop hobby, sat down, was served and then took a nap after exhausting himself from eating. Then this is play off season for football…the games must be watched!

My characters cried at me, threatened to leave and not return due to my lack of attention. I picked up dishes as fast as I could, considered using an expletive at the dryer buzzer, and hurried to my office begging a scene to stay until I could get it down on paper.

Evening falls and supper dares to peek over the horizon again, approaching as I write! 


BECKY said...

Oh, Claudia! I loved this post. It is so true! I wrote about needing a "Hazel" once or twice on my blog, too. I'm right there with far as the laundry piling up, and time flying by. Fortunately, my husband fixes his own food...when necessary! :) Keep at it! If your characters are bugging you THAT much, you need to write!!

Lynn said...

Yes, it is exhausting. But fun.

Linda O'Connell said...

You have captured a day in my life, except add a school day to it. I have these brillinat ideas too and then poof, like my thoughts, they disappear when I have to live real life. I did write a love story this weekend though. Drained me!

Susan said...

I'm SO GLAD you have similar challeges as me, Bookie. The days fly by, faster and faster. So many things need to be done. But they'll all get done-------eventually. We are blessed with good health and that is the greatest blessing of all. Susan