Friday, January 11, 2013

January Postcards

When we first began to travel and in the days of old cameras, pictures were risky. You snapped them but never knew if the shot was good until you were home again and had the film developed. It was then I began to buy post cards because the photo on them was a sure thing. I loved the color and the shots on the postcards that I would never get myself.

I have a friend who collects postcards, asks friends to send her one from all the places they go. It is a nice and inexpensive hobby and collection. She gets the added benefit of a little note from people she knows.

But as photography and communication both change, fewer things are put into snail mail. I lament the loss of letters, of personal notes, but I admit I have slipped myself into pushing SEND on a dashed email. When I saw my huge stack of postcards in a cleaning frenzy a  few years ago, I could not bear to throw them away. The web now provides scenes of anything I could possibly want to see on a postcard. So I began a new tradition to not only use the postcard collection but to utilize the new ones I still can’t resist buying here and there!

Every January, I look through my stacks and pick out post cards I am ready to send out into the world. I have little news for anyone, but I jot a line of something and send it on its way. I like to think of the sweet smile of my friends when they see color, interesting scenes, unusual pictures and something hand addressed in their mailbox. It doesn’t take long to do, and I know how I beam when I open the mailbox to anything personal.

I love hearing from my blog friends in the comment section, and I love to leave a “Howdy” on the blogs of others. However, nothing like a little caring postcard  sent through the mail once in a while. 


Rebecca said...

Do I have your address? I'll send you a postcard :)

Susan said...

Yeah, I like postcards, too, Bookie. My Mom was crazy for them. Hope you had a nice day today. Mine was super. Thanks for all your sweet visits. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, I used to send postcards everytime I went on vacation. It seems I arrived home before the post cards arrived :) Instead of letters I send greeting cards to a friend with dementia, and she loves them.

Lynn said...

I have a ton of postcards, only recently that I collected. There's a website called (I think) which is way cool. I'll send you the link. I had done it for a while, but it got to be too much for me, but I know have a passion for postcards and wished I had collected them way back when!