Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fictioneers, A Secret Still

Another week is ending and I am ready. Nary a word written this week nor desire to do so. An eye hemorrhage has hammered my week, both worrying, hurting and depressing my days. I think the eye is on the mend,  and I want to write some Friday Fictioneers picture prompt is just the thing. I think I can do 100 words this morning. For more short readings and rules to play, visit:

A nice welcome to new followers Sandy! 

Now for the story....picture below.

                                                           A Secret Still

Mickey Shannon could smell the mash on his hands and urged the red handled pump to bring up fresh water for washing behind the farmhouse. He looked back into the woods: no tell-tell path pointed to the still.

Before he opened the screen door, the boiling cabbage smell greeted him. He would have supper with the lusty cook before heading back into town. O’Rourke felt safe having him working for the gang, thinking him 100% Irish. Mickey thought of the candelabra hidden at home in his closet. The golden menorah would remain a secret like the woman and the still.


Perry Block said...

Nice double meaning in the title. Very few Jewish gangsters outside of Bugsy Siegel; here comes a new one!

Anonymous said...

Would love to know more about Mickey!
I also liked the word play with the title - is is a secret, still?
Great story

Sandra Crook said...

Great title. Liked the piece.

train-whistle said...

yeah, I liked the double meaning of the title too. Lots of secrets here. Enjoyed your story.

glilygirl said...

Excellent! Love the twist.

janet said...

I also liked the twist of the title and the double secrecy of the still and part of his life.


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Mickey it. My first son's name is Shannon, caused quite a stir on my side of the family. What's a nice Jewish boy doing with a name like that?
Loved the menorah in the closet. Some folks have skeleton.
An entertaining story. Nice job.

tedstrutz said...

Love the setup and the imagery produced... sounds like more than supper with the cook. You can't always judge a book by its name.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,
You may have watched too many episodes of Moonshiners! Clever premise, infiltrating Irish whiskey makers. Ron

rich said...

this line: " no tell-tell path pointed to the still." should that be "tell-tale" instead of "tell-tell"? just curious. well done.

Brudberg said...

Wonderful creative view from the picture.