Saturday, January 12, 2013

Before the Storm

Winter sky, the shades of a house mouse,
Hammers down my mind and soul,
Nailing me to a dark season.

Yes, the sky is so dark today and a rain/snow mix is working its way into the area. DH and I both slept later this morning than we normally do and that sets a day’s schedule behind before it even begins. We had a pick-up at the pharmacy and a drop-off at the post office first thing. We had no other place to go, no other needs, and yet, we did not care to return home. Then DH thought of sugar free pie from the Mennonite store, a bit of brightness on this dark day.

The store is a couple of miles outside our town, but it is always quite busy. It has the usual things a bulk store offers plus some mighty nice bakery items. They make the peach pie with Splenda so it eases the conscience a bit. Today they had a new pepperoni bread much like a Stromboli I used to make myself. Brought it home…yum. Also found a strawberry angel food cake in our basket. Found them this summer and thought they wouldn’t be around in winter. But today, the pink cake shined on a dark day. We also brought home oat bran, wheat bran, and ground flax so there were some healthy thoughts in our head as well.

We took back roads home just to make the little ride longer. This meant we followed and crossed Spring River. In the winter, the river has its own beauty. Bare trees allow for distant views of far-reaching fallow fields resting or Ozark rocky cliffs not available to view clearly in other seasons. Now with rain 17 inches below normal here, the river runs with green clearness. I lamented I had no camera, but I asked DH to stop on the bridge as the scene was totally gorgeous. I used my phone and snapped a pretty good shot, although it is not as pretty as actually being there. I particularly loved how the two sycamores were reaching for each other across the water with white limbs.

Home again to fresh bread with some leftover homemade soup before curling up on a cold winter’s day.


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Susan said...

Oh, Bookie. That sounded like perfect day to me. Would love to visit that store. Everything sounded so good.

We slept in a bit today, too, as the weather is dark, cold and gloomy. It felt wonderful to catch up on much needed sleep and I didn't give a twit that it set me a bit behind. ha ha ha

Hope your Sunday will be good, too. Mmmmm, would like a piece of that peach bread right now, or the other one! With butter. hee hee Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

Peach ANYThing makes me happy. I love this photo of the trees. It would make a great writing prompt. Did you get much of a storm? We had heavy rain for a while.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Mmmm....your food photos look yummy. And I agree with Linda that the photo of the trees really would make an awesome writing prompt. :)