Friday, June 2, 2017

And June Begins....

So, it looks like a few more days of on and off rain before the weather turns HOT! No moderation it seems. The weather, no matter what kind of stimulus, is in climate change. Mother Nature is acting like a two-year-old with some happy days but a lot of sniffling around with some out and out temper tantrums.

While I try avoid political ranting, I don’t say much on this country’s present situation. But yesterday when our president backed out of Climate Change group, I hung my head not in anger but shame. How can we take this ignorant stand, how not to work with the world? No matter what I or anyone thinks, it is time for the Republicans and Democrats to meet on the 50-yard line, shake hands, and say let’s forget the past. We all have made mistakes. Let’s drop the stiff-necked bully stance and work together. After all it doesn’t matter how the hole got in the bottom of the boat, when it sinks everyone in the boat goes down!

I have written a blog in my head many times this last week, but just could not do the actually writing online. I have not felt well, both physically and emotionally. This whole mountain I am climbing and slipping on is getting to me! But I try not to complain because I have so many people cheering me upward. I feel obligated to keep climbing to vindicate their faith!! The prayers, thoughts, cards, notes, and gifts keep coming as physical handholds for me up the rocky cancer crag.

Just yesterday someone paid for our lunch downtown and left us free of a bill. Just an effort to say, “We are with you.”  This week alone I have received a new cup and a quilt, see below.

Wednesday, I had contrasting CT scan. Thought Springfield was going to send me home again as they did not like my kidney numbers. Big discussion and they proceeded. Now biopsy already set again for next Wednesday. I feel like a yo-yo spinning and retracting, only to spin yet again.

Yesterday was my book club and I made it. It was a push but so glad I did. It was the month of choosing the next year’s reads. It was grand for a while anyway to be deeply involved in something outside myself. We had a tremendous list to choose from this time and the end reading list looks good. Some I have already read.

One of the best books lately has been Killers of the Flower Moon about the murders of Osage Indians in Oklahoma during the 1920s and the beginnings of the FBI. It is not a happy book at all, but it was so interesting to me. It happened during the years my Granny was a teen and young woman. Although not Osage, she lived a couple of hours east of Osage County and well, no wonder she cut up her Indian card not wanting to be Red. It will blow you away how many White people were involved in killing these people for their oil money. Stupidity, greed, and meanness are not new; sometimes we forget how much of it all has been around and hurt so many. We need to KNOW these things so we can avoid the same behavior instead of repeating it!

Tomorrow some California cousins are coming to visit before Sunday’s family reunion. Another one I have not seen for over 50 years. This too is a gift. Hope all blog readers have a winning weekend ahead!


rebecca said...

I kind of see what you mean about feeling like a yo-yo.... Still, I admire your determination and the way you squeeze positivity (not a word?) out of you days!

Glad you are surrounded by such good and thoughtful friends. What lovely gifts and thoughtful gestures.

Elephant's Child said...

That is one glorious quilt. Snuggling under it must feel like the very best kind of loving hug.
The medical yo-yo is tiring and dispiriting. I hope it settles for you. Soon.

Linda O'Connell said...

You have been through so much. you have so many thoughtful and caring friends who wish we could do more for you. Keep your chin up, and enjoy the family reunion this weekend.

Susan said...

Hello dear Claudia...Just getting caught up on blog reading. So sorry you are still on the dreadful crag journey. I pray you feel a little better each day. Hope your family reunion was good. Think of you and pray for you daily, from a little burg in western Massachusetts. Hugs. Susan

Sioux Roslawski said...

Enjoy your visiting family. The one you have not seen in 50 years--tell them, "You haven't changed a bit," and perhaps they will say the same to you. ;)

BECKY said...

It's certainly okay to have some days of just lying around, doing absolutely nothing in particular, watching TV, reading, sleeping, and being "down." We all have to allow ourselves to go through all those different emotions, and you'll know when you're ready to get back up again. I hope you have a wonderful family reunion.