Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Mini Trip

It storms and storms! Between rains we are trying to do some fun things, to escape from our truths and pretend life is full time glorious!
Melissa is a friend who used to do my hair and still cuts DH’s hair. I go with him so we can still visit.  This time she wanted a picture and it turned out well. I now have enough hair I might let her see if she can do anything positive with gray fuzz!!!! Maybe this week?

We ran up to see our son and his family this week. They are busy; we are busy, but it all meshed for a few hours of togetherness. We actually dodged rain, wind, and hail, but were not home long yesterday before the sirens went off. Ugly wall cloud hung over town trying to drop a twister. We made it through with nothing and more came at 8 last night. Escaped again. Tomorrow is to be nice so I am already looking forward to Sunday. Maybe the flowers can crawl out from under the tables again!
This is one of the best pictures of our oldest grandson I have ever taken. Our kids don’t do the Olan Mills type thing we did every month when our kids were small. But this is more like a portrait, snapped on their back deck. He is gangly eight and long toothed like eight year olds are. But here, the picture captures his sensitive side and show the charming fellow he can be!

Our son told us about the National Guard Military Museum that is east of Jefferson City. It is small but we found it worth the visit. Love finding these little nuggets of history tucked away in America’s countryside. It happened to hold some of our history as well in that DH worked on designing two of the planes in our early marriage, the F4 and F15.

F15 by McDonnell Douglas
Sherman Tank...great piece except it was overpowered by German tanks that were heavier.
This plate brought to American with German family who was fleeing Nazi Germany. The father later fought with American troops.
This was first recoiling canon...perfected by America. The recoil allow the carriage etc. to stay in place allowing for faster loading and aiming after firing.
We found my printer not working late last night. Do I need to tell you how technology puts me in a spin? Nothing we could do fixed it and again this morning. So, we replaced it. I would pay good money just to NOT have to change a thing. But alas, that is not life. Got to go with it. So now have it working and will hope worst of that tale is over!


F4 Phantom


Elephant's Child said...

That is a gorgeous picture of your grandson.
I am so glad that you are getting out and about - and love the history you found.

Sioux Roslawski said...


One, that looks more substantial and longer than "fuzz." And some women pay money to buy dye to get that gorgeous shade of gray. (And the big, bold earrings complete the fabulous look. ;)

Two, your grandson is quite handsome. And yes, his charm is evident as well.

Three, I hope you enjoy this day (Sunday). It's supposed to be a beautiful one.

Rebecca said...

Your hair is actually quite pretty! I agree with Claudia above!
What interesting activities you've squeezed into your hours.
We really need to plan a little better and get around to see OUR grandchildren, too. The distance makes it difficult (but not impossible......).
Rainy here this afternoon. A fine one for pulling a light coverlet up and doing some reading.

Susan said...

Hello dear Bookie...Oh, what a handsome young grandson you have! He's a darling. So glad you got out and had FUN plus got to explore a little. Have a good Monday and a good week! Hugs. Susan p.s. By the way, the doors on my blog with the window box? They are not at my house. They were in a public park in Hartford, Connecticut. Unique, weren't they?

Linda O'Connell said...

How did I miss this post? I love your hair, and you have such a bright look about you! Your grandson is a handsome one. I thought it was a professional portrait.
I know you both enjoyed that museum. There used to be an old time museum in Rolla, too.

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