Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week Is Passing

Another week has slipped by, and it felt full because we had lots of appointments to keep. It takes a lot of energy for us to just keep up right now. Double for me, as I feel I am watching a child as I try to keep my DH out of trouble. As I write this, he managed to get on top of the roof to clean out the gutters and he should NOT be up there!!!

It rained this morning and more coming tonight and tomorrow morning. It did pause enough for me to fetch some of the roses before they get beaten off in the hard rains coming. This morning was a gentle rain at least. The blessing of the week was two afternoons of perfect sunshine where we could sit among our spring flowers and green grass with iced tea and maybe a book.

One morning I tackled my writing files. It was a bittersweet job as I tossed much I knew I would never be able to deal with again. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I had published though and enjoyed looking at what I had achieved. I found the following poem published in 2006 which I had long forgotten. It had been lost in a computer crash, but I had the magazine still. Glad I did not overlook it.

I got news of my biopsy this week. It will be May 3, and I dread it but such is life these days!

This morning I rode along with DH as he went to his haircut. I miss seeing my friend. She did snip at my unruly gray fuzz! It is not long but it was shaggy looking. She leveled some places and trimmed some side pieces that were two different lengths. It feels better so I hope it looks better too!

Garage Sale

Stacks of stuff line the floor down the hall.

How did we actually accumulate it all?

Unmated mittens, woven neck scarves torn.

Christmas toys broken and now piled in a heap:

Curling irons that no longer heat.

A wool plaid coat missing a button or two;

An ugly purse, shoes that don’t match

Thrown on top of the bulging batch

Of leftovers and unnecessary things.

It is rummage; it must be spring!


Elephant's Child said...

I think it is in male genes. My partner shouldn't be on the roof either - but shouldn't isn't a word he understands.
Holding you in my heart - and love your poem.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Claudia--As prolific a writer as you are, I imagine you have shelves or books cases or a section of your den full of your anthologies, magazines and newspaper pieces... along with your certificates for your "wins" in competitions.

(My husband does the same thing. He's afraid of heights, but nonetheless climbs up on the roof without even telling me he's about to do it.)

rebecca said...

Learning to live in the "now"
while juggling the necessary
with the sheer wonder of life
is a rare and wonderful goal
You are getting closer, my friend.
Not by the path you or I would choose,
but the one we find ourselves in...
complete with roses
strategically gathered along the way. ♥

Linda O'Connell said...

Your poem speaks to all of us, I'm sure.
So glad you had some deck time. I just read that lemonade is good for the liver. How about that?

Your roses are so pretty. I am waiting for my buds to open.
As for men on roofs. It is in their genes. Bill's doctor told him no ladders, so what does he do? You guessed it, climbed up on the roof. I think we do have to mother them. Mine can;t settle on a parking space. Drives me crazy.

Susan said...

Hi Claudia...I can definitely identify with your poem. Too much crappola around here. Boy, do I need to do some decluttering in every single room. Glad you are living in the moment. It's difficult to do but SO therapeutic. Take care, Claudia. Prayers continue daily and nightly. Hugs. Susan

BECKY said...

I love your poetry Claudia! One thing I can attest to is that moving THREE times in FOUR years definitely cleans out the old closets, garage, attic, basement, etc. I've decided to write about it but haven't decided exactly what to do with it. Start my sequel, finally, maybe, or submit it somewhere, although I haven't seen any Calls for Submissions that it would fit! LOL
You are such an inspiration to all of us, reminding us to live in the moment, in such a subtle way. I try to do that every day, but sometimes I forget, and then I come back to your blog....Hugs!

Lynn said...

The poem is delightful! Sending love...