Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Showers

                                                         tulip teacups wave
                                                in strong wind waiting to fill
                                                      with rainwater nectar
We are truly into April now and you remember "April Showers Bring May Flowers".
The air is somewhat chilly, but it is the gun barrel gray skies that are hard to bear. There has been rain too and more is scheduled to come. Our week is loaded with doctor appointments so it hard to find something joyous to focus on.
I went to the pharmacy for DH refills--that no doctor has still renewed yet! Nearby was a Lowe's store that was loaded with fresh flowers. Yes, I know too early and I am in not much shape to tote flowers. But like visiting a museum, I wanted to meander through and soak up the sights.
Beautiful petunias were half off and so were some tulips. The petunias can take the yo-yoing of the temperatures. I felt we needed some bright sight on the deck even if we only saw it from the kitchen as we looked out the glass with noses pressed there looking for sun!
Meanwhile I am having fun with Jan Morrill's haiku! Her first one was for spring and today's was asking for color. Tomorrow---dogs.  Check it out and have a good week!


Sioux Roslawski said...

Claudia--You've spurred me into doing something limerick-y on Tuesday. (The tulips look lovely, along with the petunias.

Elephant's Child said...

Flowers always provide heartbalm.
I hope your week gets better and better.

Susan said...

Oh, so pretty Claudia. So very, very pretty. I wouldn't dare do that here. We are still expecting more snow. Spring takes time to come to western New England. Got my bush decorated with colorful plastic Easter eggs, though. Even if they get snowed on, they are still pretty! Sending positive vibes your way. Susan

rebecca said...

I should spring (no pun intended) for some flowers, but between the rain and wind, it's far too muddy to even THINK about planting. Wow! We're wet here! Your 'tunias are beautiful. Enjoy. ♥