Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Thunder snarls across a sky the color of river gravel this morning. Thick, ashen sheets of heavy rain pour straight down onto ground already soaked from days of earlier rain. Somewhere today, people will face rising water issues. Inside, everyone will feel as grim and dreary as the weather!

Yesterday DH and I used the confinement to share household duties. Nothing gets done these days like it used to. Oh, we keep things straight and picked up, but the corners are dirty and the tabletops have dust so thick you could plant peas! So, we worked on what we could for a few hours. It was far from the deep spring cleaning I used to do, but it does feel better now in this house.

Since it is almost May, I felt like I wanted to put away some of the Easter pastels and reach for summer reds for a while. I wanted some brightness indoors at least. This week I will face a liver biopsy and not sure how I will feel for a while. So, I have something pretty to walk back into again.

Today we could do more I suppose, but we feel listless. We have a grade B movie to kill time with later. Of course, I can always get lost in a book. I have the new Elizabeth Strout book, Anything is Possible. Years ago, when I read her first book, I was not impressed. But then I read Olive Kitteridge, story of a cranky math teacher in a small town. My first read left me wanting; I read it again and loved it. My book club then read it too. You don’t like the main character, but Stroud makes you at least care about her. Have you read this one?  I hope the new one has the same zap.

Thanks to all of you for the continued cards, letters, gifts, and thoughts. Mail time is still special around here. I do appreciate it all as some of the days are falling into such a rut, especially in this rainy season. I hope you readers are staying dry…we must remember this damp coolness in the coming July!!!!  Now I will pour some cinnamon orange tea and curl up with my book….hope you can do the same.


BECKY said...

Claudia, you always paint a beautiful picture with your words! You described the rain and sky in a way I would never begin to think of! And your upbeat attitude shames me for being disheartened about certain things in my life right now...Thank you for being you!
I love your pretty items to see and during this dreary weather, but also when you come back from your biopsy. I guess DH is much better now, thankfully!
I haven't read any of Elizabeth Strout's books, but I've certainly heard of "Olive Kitteridge." I desperately need something new to read right now. I just gobbled up three books by Elinor Lipman and am wanting more!
I won't say "Have a lovely weekend," because I already know that you will! :)

Elephant's Child said...

Enjoy your book and your tea.
Olive Kitteridge has been on my wish list for ages - you may have moved it up a bit.
Look after yourself and DH, and know that many of us are holding you in our hearts.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your delightful weather descriptions drew me right in, even though this rain makes me feel yucky. I know exactly what you mean about changing the colors, the table decorations and tidying up a bit. I loved Olive Kitteridge, and have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?

We've been movie bingeing here, as the weather is going to be miserable all week. Hope tomorrow brings a smile or two for DH and YOU.

Susan said...

Hello Dear Claudia. Glad you and DH are keeping busy despite the health concerns. I didn't read the book you mentioned. The book club I belong to just read "Bookshop on the Corner" (or something like that) by an author who lives in Scotland. I liked it. Also, if you have access to DVDs at your library, (or inter-library loan), I think you'd enjoy a series called A PLACE TO CALL HOME. Oh my GOODNESS, it was so addicting to me. I watched three seasons and I'm on a waiting list for Season 4. It's going to be awhile since I am 27th on the list. Guess a lot of others love it as much as I do. Check it out, Claudia. It's engaging.
Glad you made things pretty to come back to this week. Have a good, albeit wet, weekend. Hugs. Susan

G Dazeez said...

Hello Claudia, you wrote a great description for our skies! Your table is beautiful, love the reds. We opened the floodgates on our pond this morning as it was filling too fast from all of this rain. We watched a couple of movies too, thank goodness the electricity stayed on. Thehubs had the weather channel on all day. Prayers for you and your love!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Claudia--As much rain as we're getting, I imagine we could see each other fairly easily. We each could just lift our feet up a bit and we could be swept along with the rainwater and meet somewhere halfway.

You and DH--hold onto each other this weekend (so you don't get swept away) and enjoy whatever splashes of color you'd like to indulge in.