Friday, April 7, 2017

April Not a Fix So Far!

I had so hoped April would be a fix for us around here. Not so. After six weeks of pain and distress for DH which meant the same for me watching and trying to help in my own condition, he finally got some help. He saw a second urologist Monday which was a wonderful man even though he knew he hut DH a great deal as it had to be. Four hours in his office and he wanted surgery right then, but the operating rooms were full! No hospital rooms either so DH had to stay in ER until 3 am.
The next morning, he went to surgery to remove a bladder stone the size of a gold ball blocking the urinary track. I had two-hour contract scan and will go next week for consultation. DH came home yesterday and he returns next week as well. He cannot drive or lift and such, some for a month.  This household is the lame leading the lame! Our son is coming to mow for us tomorrow and anything else needing to be done.

But today the sun shines anyway! After a night of tornadoes nearby and cold, dark rain this week, I am so ready to see the yellow globe! Surely it will help. Then one night I saw the pictures of the gas attacks. I will not comment on the politics of this horror, but I did break down and sob. Wanting so much more for humanity than we are getting right now! Sun is to be perfect and 78 tomorrow so am trying to concentrate on the good.

I did get news this week that one of my poems used on the Kansas Poet Laureate site will be used in an anthology of poems this year. I will admit to this being a happy thing. Each little pat on the head keeps us going, doesn’t it?

Still hoping April will bring goodness for me, mine, you and yours!

                                                             Pictures thanks to Porch Sitting Union of America


Rebecca said...

I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep your "spirits" up... The world at large has enough heartache without having your own personal health needs and pains to handle. Wish there was SOMEthing "concrete" I could do to help.

Congrats on the selection of your poem for the anthology. That IS something to celebrate! ♥

Elephant's Child said...

A poem included in an anthology is definitely good news. And hopefully the start of a LOT more.
Hugs and health to you and yours.

Mevely317 said...

Always hoping!
Congratulations on your poem's reveal! :)))

Susan said...

Hello Dear Claudia. I admire your persevering and hopeful spirit so much! Thank goodness DH is on-the-mend. What a trial. Yes, having your poem published is pure joy. So is the sun. We having seen Mr. Sun for many days and it does, indeed, pull ones spirit into the gloom. Maybe in a few days it will reappear but rain is forecast for tomorrow. Better think of how I can make my own sunshine! Blessings wished for you and DH, Claudia. Susan

Susan said...

p.s. We haven't seen, not having seen. ha! And pulls one's spirit, not ones. Sorry about those.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your poem acceptance, and your photos on this blog, and DH's relief give me hope. I am praying for continued good news and better health for both of you. This is going to be a beautiful, warm, day, and I hope you can find pleasure in soaking up the sun and lingering outdoors awhile. You deserve a break!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hope DH continues to improve.
Congratulations on your poem acceptance. That's a wonderful accomplishment.
You are an inspiration. I admire your courage and resolve to continue to write and produce beautiful art!
Sending prayers and warm thoughts your way!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Claudia--Congratulations. Another notch in your publication belt.

I hope your husband is feeling 100% soon. The size of a golf ball? Wow!

Drop by and check out my newest post, Claudia. I need help choosing a dress. ;)

Lynn said...

Boy, you sure are having your share of it, aren't you? Hope things are going smoother. I'll be writing a letter soon... still trying to adjust being home after vacation. Love your Haiku too - I wrote some while gone and have an idea for a project which I hope to manifest soon! Hope you are feeling good! xo