Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Trash Day!

Last week it rained until I felt like a soaked sponge in dirty dishwater. Even the dog did not want to go out! She lingered around with us as we watched movie after movie to escape the roaring gutters and splattered flowers. Then just as the weather started to turn, when sun began to peek around, DH started with bleeding and pain. I found him on the floor of bathroom where he had put himself not able to go forward anymore.

So, we raced to the ER where nothing raced! The doctor leaving duty (we would not see another for three more hours and at our insistence!) said it wasn’t unusual for his kind of surgery. They needed to irrigate the bladder for blood clots. His pain, my pain, exhaustion just made me numb and crazy. Watching less than stellar employees drove me nuts. How I want to fix the world! One nurse just did not seem to know clearly what she was doing. She finally asked me to help hold a tube aloft and I picked up the trash.  I miffed a couple of RNs when I dared to ask questions. When they finally admitted DH,  they were keeping him until they could talk to urologist in the morning, I left the hospital at 1:30 a.m.

Yesterday no doctor ever showed up. Surprise! This morning we wait again, weary of “stuff”. Biscuit has been sad without her Daddy home. But it is Monday and that means trash day! She hears the brakes of the trash truck a block away and looks at me. I know, it is “chase the trash truck day”. I let her out and she runs from one fence corner to the other looking like a streak of saffron butter flowing across the yard, back and forth-back and forth. When she feels like she finally has scared the monster off, she comes to the door with a satisfied look on her face!  If only we could be so fulfilled with so little!

So here we are at Monday’s door again. The sun is out and day is to be a beauty outside before four more days of rain show up this week. Ugh. We wait for a doctor or some info at the hospital. I have a low tire I must attend. I will go to Joplin and help DH wait and wonder. I hope you all have a beautiful Monday with a fresh start for a good week as you chase your own trash trucks!


G Dazeez said...

Prayers for DH and you. I live just north of Joplin about 20 miles. I don't know what is happening to our local hospitals, my mom was at freeman just a month ago with bladder cancer surgery. We got over 4" of rain in two days out here, the pond is beautiful but it beat our peonies. I hope and pray that God blesses you and your DH with good health and a wonderful spring.

rebecca said...

Oh, no. Having had a bit of disappointment (putting it mildly) with the care my mother received during her hour of need, I can sort of identify. What IS it? Why? Is it my expectations that are awry? If there was not cost and expense to it, would it matter as much to me? Yes. I think so!

Praying for you both. I have no idea what else to do.

BECKY said...

Oh Claudia, You have the patience of a saint. There is no way I would wait around like that and put up with such incompetence! I'm usually a very gentle soul, don't like confrontation, always polite, etc.....BUT, if I were there with that happening to me and/or my husband....WELL, I would be demanding the proper help! Probably running around the nurses station, screaming at the top of my lungs! That is just inexcusable! I wish you had a high quality hospital near you....but that's a crazy thing to say, because ALL hospitals should be quality ones! Oh, I'm all in a tizzy just thinking about it!
PS I love your story about cute Biscuit!

Elephant's Child said...

It is trash (and recycling) day here too. And Jazz will content himself with growling at them.
Holding you and DH in my heart, and hoping for easier, gentler, kinder times for you both.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Claudia-- "Looking like a streak of saffron butter" is a wonderful line.

I'm sorry your husband is having health problems, because right now, you two don't need more worries.

I'm hoping and thinking good thoughts, Claudia.

Linda O'Connell said...

Biscuit chasing the trash truck brought back memories of my long ago dog.

So sorry to hear about yours and DH's continued health problems. You might want to call the hospital administrator to get better results. Enough is enough with the inept medical "professionals."
The rain made me irritable,too, but we've had two really great, sunny days which made up for it.
I do hope things ease up for both of you.

Susan said...

Oh Claudia, poor DH. He has been in my prayers, along with prayers for you, each day. Will step them up today. Truly, health is wealth. Both of you have faced great trials this year and have done so with great fortitude and perseverance. I'm so glad the sun is at least out today there. Your writing, as usual, even in the midst of difficulty, is wonderful. You are in my mind, heart and prayers, my friend. Susan