Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Kindness

It is as chilly as winter today and a slow drizzly rain that is reminiscent of beginning snow has fallen all day. The damp chill seems to sink into my bones like honey into warm cornbread! Even Biscuit doesn’t want out, but curls up on our bed trying to wait for a sunnier day.

Last night we went to ER again and this time DH got some temporary relief which some mental relief for me. I never do well in the month of March as S.A.D. wipes me out. This year with cancer and hubby and family issues and the sorrowful state of our country, well, life in general, I was holding my own until yesterday. Then worry about hubby broke me down. I called ER and got a truly kind charge nurse who said, “Bring him in. I can help him.” She did and then the PA, also a kind woman, did blood work that should have been done long before. They gave him pain meds and enough relief until we can see a doctor on Monday. I think we are in for another big life change here. Doesn’t feel fair that our Golden Years are so tarnished! But I am grateful for kindness of these women.

Another strange incident in kindness happened this morning when I went to grocery store. I did not use the riding cart but got myself through the store walking, a feat for me these days. A man smiled at me in line and when I got my stuff to the car, he too had checked out and was parked next to me. He started talking to me about how unkind some people are these days and how a lady in the store made him feel bad. Did I ever have that happen? Ah, yes, and I wondered in the cold drizzle what kind of a come on this was. I said people are upset in general and maybe she had bad day before the store. He said the woman had ruined his day until a kind woman talked to him in the parking lot, thanked me, and wished me a good day ahead. Strange. But I said a little prayer asking God to never let me forget what a kind word does for people, no matter how depressed or sick I get.
So, March is ending now, and I have always like April because it is National Poetry Month. This afternoon Jan Morrill put up a Haiku challenge on her blog page. Oh, what fun this sounds like! I have struggled with haiku as I try to follow the rules and then have had editors correct me, saying I adhere too closely to rules. Hum, I never know what to do. But this is 30 days with new topic for every April day. Surely, I can write a few 17 syllable poems for her page! I have not been able to write at all, but this just might help get the brain working again. I suggest you check her page out at

I hope to see your own lines there during April!!!!
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Elephant's Child said...

Kindness is a severely underrated treasure.
I am so glad that DH got some relief and have my fingers crossed that he (and you) get more support next week.
Haikus are beyond me. Good luck. And have fun.

Mevely317 said...

So glad that fella in the parking lot spoke up. Little things mean a lot, indeed.
Prayers for your hubby's relief!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Claudia--Limericks are fun as well.

I hope that soon your husband gets the medical help he needs.

Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, you WERE being hit on. You have such a sweet face, and I am sure your kindness radiates even when you are in pain and agony.

There is a poet in town who specializes in Haiku who says you do not have to be so strict with the syllables anymore. He gets published everywhere.

January does to me what March does to you. I hope April brings sunshine and good news for DH and you.

rebecca said...

You are SO right about Kindness.
Does one's heart good to be a "source" of it, doesn't it?
And no way to truly express the joy of being a recipient of even the SMALLEST kindness....
How about a haiku about it?