Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make Mine Toast!

Recently the Sunday Morning news magazine had an article on collecting toasters. One of the men they interviewed has a small appliance museum full of some 700 toasters. That museum which opened in October is called The World’s Largest Small Appliance Museum and is located only a few miles from me. So this morning DH and I made a quick run to check it out.

Built off the end of a Western Clothing store, the museum is filled with small appliances including all those toasters. It was amazing to see some “modern” things that we grew up with now labeled as antiques or collectibles such as a metal percolator or a hot dog cooker. While some of the early toasters were rather crude and even dangerous looking, toasters from the 1930s were absolutely gorgeous in many cases. I could picture Marlene Dietrich or James Cagney still in silk robes fetching toast from the beautiful stainless steel. The of course, I enjoyed seeing 1950 toasters that made my morning toast for years.
The second most numerous items in this collection were electric coffee pots and tea pots. Oh, some silver pots were so smartly shaped that I longed to take them home with me! The amazing ones were the porcelain pots with art deco or floral designs. These pots were stunning in their elegance. In many cases there were matching porcelain waffle irons too.

The owner is willing to meet groups or individuals there for demos of the appliances. I might have to make an appointment just to touch these handsome
appliances once used in some contemporary woman’s kitchen.


Susan said...

Oh, Claudia, what an interesting museum! You should write it up again, magazine style, and submit it somewhere. Bet you could sell it.

Glad to be home again! Thanks for your visits and comments. Susan

BECKY said...

That is the neatest thing I've heard of...and it's way over in your corner of the world! Well, there's a second reason now for me to make the trip down there!

Linda O'Connell said...

Very interesting. I have a 1930's toaster, saving it for my kids. They'll probably pitch it in the trash.

Lynn said...

Never knew they made toasters like that! They are beautiful.

Ames said...

How neat! I love looking at old things. Some I rememeber my grandparents having, and of course that brings back good memories.~Ames