Monday, November 28, 2011

A Christmas Contest Entry

I haven't been able to keep up with things around here lately, and I was about to miss a great little writing op! So this morning I made a effort and entered a Christmas contest over at Things I
Want to Tell My Mother at
It is a memory written in hundred words and gives a chance to win a $25 gift card. It closes Dec. 5. For full details go over to the blog.

It was the year of the ballerina on pointe and wearing a pink tutu. I wrote Santa after pouring over Christmas catalogs wondering which doll he would bring me. On Christmas morning, there she was. I lifted her from the box to see one eye pushed back into her head, permanently damaged! Didn’t those elves check toys?

My gasping shock was shadowed by Mom’s own distress at neglecting to inspect the box in a holiday rush. In the end the defect didn’t matter as I cherished my beautiful ballerina. My actual Christmas gift was learning real love isn’t always perfect.


Lynn said...


Marylin Warner said...

Oh, Claudia, your eye-damaged doll would have been a great friend for my tongue-torn Shaggy Dog stuffed animal I received the Christmas I was eight. Sounds like we both got past the imperfections and ended up loving our gifts in spite (or because?) of their faults.
Good preparation for life, right?
Thanks for sending this.

rose said...

Awww...a misfit toy.

irishoma said...

Lovely Christmas story, Claudia.