Friday, November 18, 2011

Friends and Storm Country Reading

The Storm Country readings and book sales were last Sunday evening in St. Louis. I would have had hard time doing an eight hour drive round trip for two hours of readings, but the night worked perfectly for me because we were in route back home from Kentucky. It was tight since we got in at 4:00, were cleaned up although not refreshed, and were at our friends’ house by 5:30. DH stayed with our friend who is recovering from surgery while his wife came with me to the readings. It was a nice evening for all four of us.

We have been friends with these people for 41 years after living next to them in an apartment in Hazelwood, Missouri as newlyweds. We have worked to stay in touch through tragedies and triumphs. All my friends mean everything to me. Like my grandma always said, “You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends.” I am one lucky person to be able to cross paths with so many people worth the “picking” for friends.

While the Storm Country evening was nice, the best part was meeting some of my Blogger Buddies in the flesh. They are just as charming and delightful as the words they write. How odd it felt to walk up to someone you have never laid eyes on before, yet you knew them in your heart. I never meant to blog, didn’t want any part of it. But then it became a little lifesaver to me, opening doors to some fun and meaningful things.

Donna at was the first blog I ever read. I think because she reminded me of my teaching friend I began to follow her. Her kindness and sharing of writing tips kept me coming back so that I met Linda ( and Becky ( and Lynn ( You should check into these blogs if you want some laughter, some talk about writing, or sometimes a life reflection. I check at many blogs but can’t follow them all or I would get nothing else done. So I do limit who I follow, but highly recommend these St. Louis gals who feel like they are right across the fence to me since I live in Missouri with them.

These busy days make friendships harder to hold. Days are hectic and everyone is reduced to twitters, email, and dashed off lines that are incomplete. Gone are the days of long letters and beautiful words penned with care and affection. We have to work so much harder to stay in touch at all. Right now I have a list of letters waiting to be written. When I look at the names each day I hear that song “Tomorrow, Tomorrow…” because I keep moving the letter writing to tomorrow! But at least I do still plan to write, even if it is an email on colored “paper” that sails through the air. I do appreciate people, friends, and want to keep in touch with them. They are valuable to my life!

              Donna, Lynn, and Linda as they read their work at the Storm Country event.


Lynn said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you. It was so nice meeting you--the woman instrumental in making Storm Anthology a reality. It is always fun to meet people in the flesh that you follow in blogland. I'm looking forward to coming to Joplin! YAY!

Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, what a lovely post, and thank you for the shout out. Your writing rings a bell for me too, so that is why I follow you. These photos, however... mug posts at the Post Office :)

Tammy said...

Love this line, "How odd it felt to walk up to someone you have never laid eyes on before, yet you knew them in your heart." How true! Great post.