Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkeys Transition To An Angel

The transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of the fastest seasonal changes there is. It has to be since the days are numbered before December 25th. Today is the first Sunday of Advent so

Christmas is now on the countdown officially. Yesterday while son drove four hours back home to the west, I spent the ame time and more taking down turkeys and putting up Santas.

Last year I weeded the Christmas boxes, but they could still use more cleaning. I did not put out everything this year. Though I love all my special holiday pieces, something about having less "stuff" sitting around is more therapeutic than being crowded. I wanted to use this white angel too this year which changed the table setting. She belongs to my mother-in-law who sat her out for many Christmases that I remember. As the dismantling of her home began, she would not take the angel to assisted living. She told me to bring her home with me. Now I did not need one more thing in this house, but I could not leave the angel there in the farmhouse all alone. Maybe someday I will let this angel go, but this was not the year to say goodbye. I brought her home and she will reign here in my home, watching one branch of the same family,  this year.


Linda O'Connell said...

What a lovely post. My living room overfloweth with snowmen. Not ready for the real kind though.

Rebecca said...

All the red makes your home so festive. What a sweet story of your angel! You're way ahead of me, Claudia.

irishoma said...

Your mother-in-law's angel is lovely, and so is your post. You are way ahead of me as far as decorations.
I plan to get my advent wreath out this week--before the second Sunday in advent, which is when we will most likely put up our tree.

Martha said...

You do have to be a "quick change" artist to shange form turkeys to Santas! Lovely decorations and I love the angel and the story of the angel.

We've been doing things simpler as well -- leaving most of the Christmas things in the basement and focusing on greens, poinsettias and the tree! And of course, the nativity set!

It is an easier clean up!