Friday, December 2, 2011

Let December Begin!

Yesterday was December first and the month started off with a bang. It was a 17 hour day for me and most of it was good things. First of all, a lab report came back as non-cancerous for me! Yeah, that was a blessing for sure. Since the day before I had gotten the news of a cracked tooth needing a $1000 repair, I had enough on my mind. The rest of the day was a list of errands and social visits with people celebrating the holiday season.

My book club always chooses a lighter book for December because everyone is busy. Then we opt to meet for a nice lunch somewhere to hold our discussions. We had agreed years ago not to deal with food, drink and possessing for our book club. The emphasis is on the book discussion, and the group has worked well with this plan. But it is fun a couple of times a year to break out for something different, and a Christmas luncheon is one built into the yearly schedule.

This year’s book choice was so poor I am not even going to give its name. It was chic lit, but that is no excuse for empty writing. I rated it zero which I have never given a book before. In fact, I never finished it! I think the highest rating given was a 6, generous believe me! But with the superb books of autumn (Empire of the Summer Moon, Unbroken, and Sarah’s Key) to be followed by Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms in the new year, I guess one bummer can be tolerated.

A long visit with a worried friend in the afternoon and then a fund-raising auction in the evening brought me home late. I found in the mail a super sweet thought from my sister. She sent me an angel with changing colored lights for my desk. She works by being plugged in a USB port for a way to have a Christmas angel on the desk. What a fun and appropriate way to end the first day of December!


BECKY said...

What a sweet angel! You DID have a busy day. So sorry about your tooth.....BUT so happy about your lab results!!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful luncheon spot! (That's too bad about the December selection....)

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

I love your angel! And any day the words non-cancerous are spoken is a good day indeed!

Linda O'Connell said...

I am so glad your results were good. I read a book recently that was so poorly written, I can't imagine how the coauthors got it published traditionally. Your angel is darling. Elegant book club location! Have fun Sunday, sorry I can't make it.

Lynn said...

Great news of your results. Looking forward to tomorrow!