Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Centus/Meeting of the Minds

It is New Year's Eve. I for one am ready to wrap the year in a tea towel, box it up, and store it in the garage. There have been worse, there have been better, but a new year is in the wings. Time to move on no matter what. No big resolutions for me; I just want to be more accepting of who I am and where I am at in the moment! 

Happy New Year with Peace and Happiness to all my friends and readers!

It is the last Saturday of 2011 and Jenny still finding time for a Centus! Today Resolution Schmezolution is the prompt. Below is my used of the two words and a scene of 100 words using them. For more Centus and the rules, check out Jenny's blog at:

                                      Meeting of the Minds

“I can’t believe you have not started a list of changes for 2012 yet,” he said.

“I’m not doing it this year."

“Why not?" he pressed.

“Because nothing changes anyway. I’m just going to float my boat in the same murky waters of the last few years. Lucky for you, I’m still here helping paddle yours!”

“How about shrinking the muffin top?” he pushed.” Or cleaning the hall closet? Learning to cast a straighter fly line? Keeping supplies of toilet paper ready?”

Resolution, Schmezolution!” I exploded. “Why make NewYear’s resolutions when I am already PERFECT!”

Silence can be deafening.


noexcuses said...

Ha ha! Loved this one! You put the words right into my mouth! Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Karen S. said...

Oh such a delightful centus...great tunes too, and yes just be you in everything you do! You'll surely be a happy person if you do!

Sue said...

Well done, Claudia. Loved it.

And Happy New Year to you!


Mama Zen said...

Well done!

And, Happy Resolution Free New Year!

Judie said...

You had better update that new blog so I can write a post about it!!! Let me know!
Happy New Year, CJ!!!!!!

anitamombanita said...

Haha...that's how I felecia too...absolutely perfect...NOT! Heehee. Happy new year!

Christine said...

I resolve to live, as is, take it or leave it. Perfect Centus, Happy New Year.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love it! Except... I do want to keep toilet paper on hand:@) Happy New Year:@)

Linda O'Connell said...

Good one. Hope you are feeling better. Just took the outside lights down, too tired to walk, so I will for sure dance tonight. happy New Year. said...

Yes, that silence was so deafening I heard it too.
This was a fun read.
Have a wonderful New Year's.

Ames said...

What big accoutrements this man has. To even mention muffin tops? Such gall. I say pull your hand out of your pants and get your lard butt off the couch and take the garbage out. And while you're at it swept the walk! :D

I liked this. It got me fired up! I take NO crap from a man!

Have a healthy, happy New year. Take no crap from men!~Ames :D

Tracy said...

lowely blog happy new year

Gems said...

This guy has some gaul! I;m too tired to take anything down resolution is to wait until I'm more awake and then think of a resolution! :) Happy New Year xxx

Anna said...

Great exchange between two completely different worlds of thought!

Best wishes and hugs for 2012 from
Anna's SC Week 87

Jenny said...


Several weeks into this new year and I totally needed a laugh today.

This cracked me up!

Love, love, loved this!

2012 is gonna be better. 2012 is gonna be better.

I think I'm going to chant this until it comes true.

Wishing you another year filled with 'perfection'!


Hugs from Arizona