Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Centus/Foodie Lament

The days are slipping by and this is the last weekend before Christmas. The day dawns bright and crisp. Most things are finished since we don't do much buying and wrapping anymore. My friends and I agreed a couple of years ago that we have all we need and no place left to put the more things we might want. Many gof us give of to a charity instead. It doesn't mean we don't still think of one another or that we have ceased gathering for a cup of tea or a moment of just being together in an extra special way during a busy time. I use these last days to walk among the things I have received in the past and think fondly of those who have given me pretty things on other years. Or I make an unexpected phone call for visiting or write a memory-laden note while a candle flickers nearby.                                    
In the bustle of things, I forgot today is Saturday and Centus Day! But when I saw Jenny's prompt today, I groaned. I want to play, but she keeps tossing me these mind-twisting prompts! I groaned with only 50 words and what I saw as a horrid picture today. But with my waistband pinching, I found what I hope is a humorous response, one other folks will relate to as well. If you want to see more responses and the rules, visit Jenny at

Foodie Lament
Little Christmas tree of mine

                                    Made with treasures of the vine,

                                    Candies, salami chunks galore,

                                     I can’t eat much more.

                                     I want a smaller self

                                     To show that Jolly Old Elf,

                                      But your abundant riches

                                     Make zippers tug on my britches!

                                     So I’ll look away

                                    And eat after Christmas Day!


Sue said...

Great one, Claudia. I am feeling that way already...full of food...and there's still a week to go before Christmas and all the accompanying goodies hit.

I'm hoping I can still move by then...!


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love it! I'd like a smaller self too:@)

Karen S. said...

OH yeah, but just having an elf around they can work miracles for us! Ha ha !!! Enjoy your holidays!

Rebecca said...

Yes, I DO relate! Well done, Claudia.

Ames said...

I'm groaning too! I don't think that tree is very tempting, but you go right ahead and pleasure yourself!~Ames :)

anitamombanita said...

The zippers are already tugging on my britches...and we've still got a couple weeks of this holiday eating to go! Yikes!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Right now I'm feeling like a bbq'd steak. anyone, anyone.

Judie said...

We used to go to a lot of holiday parties this time of year, but we are all getting older and it seems like just too much work. For several years we had an annual Christmas Day pot-luck for around 60 people. I would stick hot needles in my eyes before I would do it again!!!

Rek said...

Good one and enjoyed your poetic woes of cellulite or maybe more. Happy holidays.

Jenny said...

How cute!

We've kind of developed the 'disposable' Christmas gift theory. If you can't use it up within a few weeks we don't want it either!

Unless it's, say, a years worth of maid service! Or massages!

This was really cute! Thanks for the New Years smile!

Hope your year is starting out splendidly as well!

Hugs from Arizona.