Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Clearance

Last night several couples gathered to eat Thai food with friends passing through on their way to Colorado. It was a relaxing evening with lots of memories and laughter, but a late night. Today’s morning was already hot by the time we got to the deck to enjoy the outdoors. Sitting there I hated seeing so many flowers dead and dying, no color. Lots of greenery as the ferns love the humidity and heat. I had bought several in the spring and divided them to make more; all were thriving. I had always bought a hibiscus, but I passed on one this year due to economy.

As I sat there lamenting the heat and the fact that July was rapidly approaching the middle mark, I thought of greenhouses being cleaned out in summer. So I jumped up and ran to Lowes to see if there were bargains, and indeed there were! I found everything half-priced and some ridiculously priced at 50 and 99 cents; some tiny geraniums were 20 cents, and even a couple of things were a mere nickel! True many were sick looking, but if you dug, you could find some thriving blooms worthy of trimming and fertilizing, trying for a second chance. Sadly, the fertilizer cost more than the flowers. I even found a glorious looking red hibiscus!

I dragged it all home and tried to put things in bare spots where other things had died. I worked them into existing pots here and there, especially the rail boxes. The result was still not a lot of color that I desired, but I can hope that in a few days with love and attention they will rally. And if they do not, well it is only a matter of weeks before it will be mum and pumpkin season again!

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