Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts

Another week is fading, and tomorrow ends this month of July. I wish it would take the heat along when it leaves, but the August forecast if for more of the same. Yesterday DH and I went to Lowe’s for a replacement part for our doorbell. Walking across the fresh black top was breath-taking in a bad way. We remarked that somewhere men were pouring  asphalt, roofing houses, spreading cement, etc. in this burning heat wave; we were grateful for being spared those jobs. Today the Vietnamese are beginning to come in for next week’s celebration. They are setting up their camping tents on the OLO grounds, closer than eggs in a carton, and already the people look wilted.

I am also grateful that this is a year for a bumper crop of tomatoes. Is there anything more down home than a window with tomatoes lined up ready for munching? I get most of my tomatoes from the farmer’s market, but we do have a few lame plants in the yard. Our tomatoes are smaller and slower, planted in a poor soil. Cantaloupes have been wonderful this year too. A truck sits south of town every day with a load of melons with dark orange pulpy insides and the sweetest taste. We have not had one less than perfect all summer long.

It has been a mixed bag this week, some downs and some ups, but mostly a quiet combo of moods for the summer days. Last night my friend Agatha sent her daughter to deliver a gift to me. When they broke up her home and divided things among the children so she could go to assisted living, Agatha set aside her mother’s vinegar cruet for me. She wanted me to have something of the family to commemorate all the years we lived next door, those years of both shared joys and woes. Agatha said she does not remember where her mother got the cruet, only that she always remembered it being in her mother’s home. Her mother used it sparingly as she never wanted anything to happen to it. So if it was close to her mama’s heart and close to Agatha’s heart, it will be close to mine too. It is a beautiful piece and I am honored to give it a new home.


Susan said...

Ohhhh, that's nice you have a remembrance from Agatha. It must be SO HARD to break up one's home. I've seen it happen over and over, though. I imagine it'll happen to me one day, too, but I hope not for a long time. Really, I'd like to stay in my home until my last breath. Susan

BECKY said...

Oh, that really is sweet. My grandma always had a vinegar cruet on her table, along with a spooner (filled with spoons, of course!) sugar bowl, S&P shakers....all that was needed when we sat down to eat! Thanks for the sweet memory!