Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alone Again

                                                  Will he eat that whole bag of Cheetos all by himself?

Red hair coating the carpets, the inside of the car also with furry coat. Wet smears on any window or glass door a coal black nose can reach. A few crumbs here and there. Storm has gone home again. It is lonely and quiet here again. Amazing how much love a dog can give!

She was happy all week. Bone tired at night, putting herself to bed and not making a peep until morning. She went to Sonic for the ice she loves and a gift from Sonic--ice cream in a Pup Cup. She rode shotgun to Joplin, waited briefly at the library, had Saturday breakfast at the lake where she ignored the ducks.

Yesterday about noon, she became restless. No longer wanted to be on the deck with us while we read. She wanted to sit in the front window. How did she know our son was on his way to get her? She watched and paced until he arrived an hour later. Last night she was happiest with us ALL in one room with her. Amazing.

                                                  Ah, I knew he was a nice guy! YUM!

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Linda O'Connell said...

How did I miss your last few posts? Oh yeah, preparing for a workshop that went well. Your granddog has the sweetest face. I love your little birdy on the chair, too. Have a great week.