Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Outing and the Grand Dog

We have always had a policy to stay off the roads for Memorial Day and Labor Day. After a long drive this Labor Day Saturday, I remember why! So many cars, trucks and boats on the road today. Many people heading for the lakes on a hot day, and many more were traveling to cemeteries to decorate graves. Despite traffic, the views were rich and verdant. Golden wheat, ready early this year, stretched out like golden carpets. Corn about a foot high looked green and strong.

Our destination was to get our grand dog for a week while our son works in Oklahoma. We met half way for both us on the edge of the Flint Hills. Before hitting the small town, DH and I stopped in Pittsburg to visit their Farmers' Market for the first time. It is relatively small but so loaded with diverse produce and bakery items. Due the heat today and being on the road, we were limited to what we could buy. I did get some huge radishes, lovely blueberries, two carrot-coconut-pineapple muffins, and a jar of jam before we hit the road again.

Once in Fredonia, a small Kansas berg, we picked up hamburgers and went to the local park which was on a huge mound. One could see for miles around, see the prairie reaching to the horizons. There were plenty of trees for shade and the breeze kept us comfortable until we would step out into the 90 degree sunshine!

Storm was excited to see us after six months. She was eager to get into our truck and visit Missouri for a week! Ah, the love of a dog!


Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Claudia,
Storm is such a sweet-looking dog. I can see why you love him. Your trip sounds like fun, and your description of the radishes and muffins made my mouth water.
Stay cool!

Susan said...

Oh, Claudia, Storm is a cutie. She seems like she would be a really loving doggie. Your trip to get her sounded nice, too, especially the picnic in the park. But 90 degrees! oooo weeeeee. I KNOW I wouldn't like that. The muffins sounded yummy. Would like one right now. Thanks so much for all your faithful visits to my beloved blog. And thanks for all your comments, too, Claudia. Love your visits. Susan

Judie said...

Our granddogs are always glad to see us as well. I love Storm's sweet face. I know he'll have a wonderful week with his grandparents!!

Lynn said...

Claudia, your granddog is a cutie! I'm babysitting a granddog too - how funny is that? I'll be posting about it sometime. I don't do any traveling during this holiday either for that very reason you stated. Enjoy.