Monday, May 21, 2012

Nathan Boone...continued from yesterday

Nearly two hundred years old, the Nathan Boone home is amazing for what it has gone through during the years like the Civil War and 1937 tornado. The 1937 tornado took one chimney, but the house stood otherwise unharmed. However, all out buildings were destroyed at that time. The present barn was rebuilt after the storm and about 80 years old.

Looking from the front porch of the house, one can see the creek bed that was once much larger. Across the creek and up the rise (in the small group of trees) is one of the two springs on the property. This was the family water source and slaves carried water the distance to the dog trot cabin. Near that spring was a road that went to Springfield.

Several cut-aways appear in the cabin walls. Once can see the history of the house: wooden logs, lathe, plaster, etc.

A walking trail back to the park office takes visitors by the Boone family cemetery and by their slave cemetery.

After buying a few books at the park office, we headed back into town for a burger lunch. Then we did some flea markets and meandered home on back roads stopping at a garage sale or two. We all found some treasure for the day…DH found a drafting set to add to his collection, we all found some used books, I found some Limoges
berry cups! We came home tired, happy, and more knowledgeable about Nathan Boone!

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Grandma Swift said...

What a wonderful day you had! I didn't know it was so close. I've visited the home in central Missouri but didn't know about this one.