Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainy Day Baking

While having that first cup of tea on the deck this morning, I noticed a western sky shadowy as a young boy’s shiner. I knew the rain was coming, and we did need rain. In about an hour, the wind blew and twigs hit the roof. The rain poured down washing the earth tidy and fresh. Mother Nature was doing her own spring cleaning.

It was an opportune time to try some recipes and to use the oven. I stirred up some Lemon Ricotta scones. They were good but the extra work did not show. I believe my everyday oatmeal scones to be just a good. I stirred up a pasta and vegetable dish for lunch. again using ricotta. Hum, it was okay but not outstanding.

Then I did the tiny shortbread type cookie from one of Paula Deen’s books. That gal really knows how to use the butter! These cookies were fairly low in carbs, but then they are about the size of a quarter! These cookies were made into logs and chilled, then sliced and baked. The star ingredient is thyme. This is a nice herbal cookie that would go well will tea. I wonder if rosemary could substitute for the thyme? I know lavender would. So this versatile little cookie is a keeper.

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Susan said...

Ohhhhhh, Bookie, they look good. Bet they melted right on your tongue. Loved your description of the sky as "shadowy as a young boy's shiner."

Been catching up on your columns, too. So glad you've gotten out and had some fun!

Thanks for all your sweet visits and comments to my blog. Susan