Sunday, June 10, 2012

By Golly, Road Trip Two!

How fortunate am I to get two road trips in two days? Yesterday morning we traveled to Tulsa with friends with the express purpose of seeing the Broadway play Jersey Boys. We left midmorning so the pace was leisurely. I was totally in the moment which rarely happens for me. With friends doing the driving and mapping, I kicked back and just WAS. I absorbed the countryside, the blue skies, and the cattle munching in pastures. Life was good.

We drove into the city without a hitch and straight to the theater area. Got out, parked, and walked across the street to a café none of us knew about beforehand. It was the Back Alley Blues and Barbeque. Wonderful! Décor was tasteful and simple utilizing the Blues scene and an old warehouse. Floors were plywood set with beer caps. Walls lined with painted guitars and murals depicting the Blues. Parts of the walls were made of shipping containers once hauled on rail flat cars.

Oh, but the food!!!! Sandwiches as big as wheels of a Conestoga wagon, homemade chips, peach salsa, pork or beer can chicken and then the real goodies were fried dill pickles and fried green tomatoes. I knew I was down home with all the fried stuff…ah, move over Paula Deen. I know, not healthy but for one day?

Then we went to Jersey Boys. The play, the music, the story, the acting, the singing, the stage changes and sets ups….all were superbly magnificent. Many of the songs made their billboard rankings before I was old enough to be aware of The Four Seasons, but I knew them all from the Golden Oldies hours on the radio. Walk Like a Man, Sherry, and one I do remember hitting the air waves was You Are Too Good to be True.

I loved the creativity, the talent, the memories evoked on a June afternoon. The day was flawless….


Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, you look so happy! That trip would be right up my alley!

Ames said...

Gosh Claudia you are making me so hungry. I'd love me some fried green tomatoes and pickles. Ummm Ummm! ~Ames