Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Do You Blog?

I started blogging a little short of two years ago. I gathered Followers and I became a Follower. It was so much fun, and I met the greatest people from all over! The blogs I read lead me to other interesting people and blogs of varied subjects. Then some blogs became like those Russian nesting dolls, I opened one which led to another and then another and…

But this kind of reading and posting and commenting takes time. It became work to keep up, but enjoyable work. Winter weather made it somewhat easier to stay in touch with the blog world when I was confined inside.

But this spring has undone me somewhat. I keep falling farther and farther behind. I miss Centus, fail to get the Book Blurbs written, can’t read entire blogs, and making comments? Well forget that as other duties call. Grand dog needed surgery and care; grandbabies were next with a 12 hour trip to visit them. Returning home, we began to paint the house and the skies opened up dumping rain on that job. Then the garage door broke, the car broke down, and IRS could not agree with our numbers. Then an F5 tornado snuck into the rain clouds and hit our area, sweeping devastation over the county and leaving sorrow in its wake. Now July heat and humidity are the rewards for making it through May. Where did June weather go? Sucked up by that tornado?

This morning I joined others in making sandwiches for Joplin, Missouri relief workers. This afternoon was book club where one member had come from sorting and folding clothing for folks left homeless from the tornado. Another had housed visiting nurses, bought clothes for a family that did not even have a change of underwear. It seems that all our time these days is tornado related: working for churches, forming relief projects, thinking about and/or just feeling gratitude for being spared. Blogging falls to the bottom of the list as the energy fades.

But it does cause me to wonder how do YOU blog. Do you set aside a certain amount of time each day, each week for blogging? Do you read only certain blogs or read a certain number of blogs each day? How do you decide who to visit each day on a blog? How do you refrain from visiting each new blog suggested in a blog you are reading…or do you just visit every suggestion? And if you do, who cleans YOUR toilet bowls??????

Reminder for information and guidelines on the Joplin Relief Writing OP visit Storm Country at


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

The tornado victims deserve all the attention and care they are receiving...God bless you and the other volunteers for helping.

My blogging is, as you say, quite the time sucker. I love the people I've met, like you. :) I am working to prioritize my time. Family always comes first, and then everything gets pushed back. I sometimes blog too much and so don't get enough writing done. It really comes down to time management. I'm working on it. Does that count?

P.S. I am the toilet bowl cleaner. *sigh* Not my favorite chore.

Linda O'Connell said...

I find my hour spent blogging in the morning is the hour I used to spend searching markets. I read all new posts on my blog list and try to comment. It is very time consuming.

You and your neighbors and friends are doing such an honorable thing helping the Joplin residents. My heart goes out to them and my hat's off to you and the other relief workers.

Sounds like you need a bit of a break from writing. I neded it a while back too. When I returned, it felt 'right' to write. I wish you well.

Rebecca said...

Your last line puts a smile on my face!

It's so understandable why you find yourself away from blogging.

I DO try to stay up via Reading List on my dashboard. I also try to respond to all who leave comments on my blogs. (I don't have as many followers as many people do...)

Blogging has become a significant part of my world. It has expanded my horizons and brought many precious people into my "circle" of acquaintances.

And I DO probably spend about 1 1/2 hours a day at it...It's worth it to me.