Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nice Day in June

     A garden in St. friend's garden is a cool and green retreat in June.

A front came through last night and dropped today’s temperatures from 95 to 90; it has been some relief. Who would have thought 90 would feel cool? But it has been a summer kind of day I like with a delicious meal at home. Nothing is better than sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, and cantaloupe, all grown locally. I like a dash of cottage cheese with my slicers; cucumbers are hardly ever better than when sliced with onions and marinated in vinegar brine heavily laced with salt and pepper!

The only dent in the day is the crowd of flies that lingers around our ankles and hover at the door waiting for a chance to come in and speckle walls and windows! They were bad yesterday, and I thought maybe the front moving through would take them along east. However, the pesky things are still here so it must have something to do with the humidity.

Today’s blog at Susan’s Blackberry Cottage ( shows some wonderful textiles and comments on a simpler way of living. It suited my mood just right today. Seems I am growing old, tending to remember the “olden days”. I know those days were far from perfect, but they made some nice memories. I remember days helping my mother by hanging over a hot ironing board pressing those textiles to starched perfection in the blow of an oscillating fan! No AC then! One thing we did not iron was bed sheets. My Granny always ironed those bed linens every week; boy, am I glad my Mom didn’t take up that tradition!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

All those fresh veggies sound so good!

BECKY said...

Yes, the fruit and veggies are making my mouth water! I'll go check out Susan's Blackberry Cottage right away, because I, too, like a "simpler way of living". I'm constantly commenting, too, on how in the world did we all survive without air conditioning?? Especially our mothers and grandmothers, who did all the cooking, baking and other hard work! The day WAS nicer today,,,,less humidity!

Blackberry Cottage said...

Thank you for your nice comments and for sharing the link to Simple Pleasures! The 50's and 60's feel like a sweeter, and more simple time to me, too, so maybe I'm also getting old!

Your garden looks lucious - ours is in the final stages, but we did really enjoy it this year!
Thank you for stopping by - I apreciate you!

Blackberry Cottage said...

I just learned something new about myself - I can't spell in the middle of the night - so sorry. Luscious - not lucious. As in really, really good???

Blackberry Cottage said...

Oh my - appreciate, not apreciate. That's it - I'm officially an idiot who needs to sleep. I promise I won't come back until I can spell!