Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day, but rain came down most of the day so I couldn’t put out my flag. I was glad that I had mowed on Friday and changed the porch décor. At least my baskets have a flag and summer mood on this rainy day. Inside I did a touch of reds too. No, not everyone wants a pickup truck on their dining room table, but I enjoy things that are uniquely me. I had wanted this truck for a couple of years at a local decorating store, watched it go on sale, and still begged for a lower price as it was out of range at half price and then 60% off. The gal was a sweetie and said she would forgo the tax and I figured that was as low as it would go since she liked it herself.

The weekend was so quiet here with lots of reading on the deck under the shade trees. Plugging in this fountain DH rigged up and pouring numerous glasses of iced passion fruit tea were great when added to the company of a good book. I worked my way through fellow Writer Guild member Larry Wood’s history of the Civil War battles at Newtonia. I had no idea such large battles occurred in this area. I am well aware of the Battle of Carthage known as the first Civil War battle west of the Mississippi. I have traced the route of that battle a few times, and I know about Wilson’s Creek at Springfield, Missouri, along with nearby Pea Ridge over the Arkansas line. I have made a quick visit with kids in tow to the Pilot Knot battlefield and visited Lexington, Missouri, site of the hay bale battle. But I had no idea more than 10,000 men fought it out twice in Newtonia, a tiny Missouri berg. Larry does a great job reviewing all the Missouri war activities before he goes into detail about Newtonia. With the Civil War sesquicentennial coming up, you might like to check out this short, informative read.

So sprucing up for summer, mowing, reading, and some poems submitted were all done before the rain moved in for a day or two. More rain tonight and then maybe we will be in for some sunshine again after this damp Flag Day.


Linda O'Connell said...

Your home looks so inviting and comfortable.

paperbutterfly said...

We have long distance twin teapots! I wonder if that makes us relatives in a way. Wouldn't that be fun!!!
LOvely vignette. What goes better together than, red, white and blue?
Hope you pop in for tea in the near future and perhaps join with the tea ladies.
Blessings, Pam

Bookie said...

Thanks, Linda. It is comfey here and there is dust included!! :)

Hi, Pam...yes were are Tea Twins! What fun.