Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dizzy from Blogs?

Do you ever get dizzy reading blogs? I mean one leads to another and then another. Then yet another blog name catches your eye, and you are far away from your original topic. I never meant to get so involved, but some days I begin to feel like Hansel and Gretel in the forest looking for bread crumbs to follow my way back to “home”. However, I must say I have met a lot of great and interesting people lately due to blogs. I am beginning to understand the true meaning of social networking and why it works.

On Jenny’s blog( I ran into writing prompts. I thought I didn’t have time for writing prompts. I have a basket full of my own idea waiting to be finished. But I started reading and seeing that they were fun. First thing you know, I was drawn in and trying my own hand at writing a short, one hundred word piece in answer to a prompt. I find the prompts stretch me into new areas, tease me into writing something I wouldn’t do otherwise, and introduce me to new writers with their unique responses to the same prompt.

It was not a challenge to follow a tea tip since I am “a drinker”, and when I did, I bumped right into Martha’s Tea Cup Tuesday ( she posts pictures of tea cups. Well, that lead me to so many tea cups, tea pots, and tea parties it is a wonder I ever pried myself away from my computer! I sent some links to a friend who is ecstatic to find out about this tea cup world too. She said she must read these pages slowly as she wants to savor every “drop” of each page.

Then there are the contests on blogs! I have won a nice mystery from Donna’s blog ( and good Christian fiction novel from Debra ( This week I signed up for a chance to win a Starbucks give card at Beth’s food blog. If you would like to take a chance on a Starbucks gift yourself, register at

Oh, it is late! I have cooked , shopped the farmer’s market, worked on a new poem, enjoyed a friend’s visit, had supper with my sister and family, and blogged today. I must get some sleep as tomorrow is a new day and there will brand new blogs to read!


BECKY said...

This was the perfect night for me to read this!! It is moments away from midnight, and I, too, meant to post something short and get to bed before I began to meander through blogland!! Oh my goodness!! I just keep finding more and more wonderful ones, too!!! Claudia, how can we handle all this?? It's both wonderful and overwhelming....but who can turn down the chance to discover another new friend??!! I loved the way you put this!! So true!! And with that, I say, Good night!! :)

Nancy's Notes said...

You are right, sometimes you can lose yourself! It's fun and have met so many nice and friendly women! It's been great since I started blogging. It's truly addicting!


irishoma said...

Hi Claudia,
You are so right about this. Thanks for links to the blogs and for mentioning mine among them.

mbkatc230 said...

Boy, this is the truth. I can lose myself for hours roaming through blogland. I love Jenny's writing prompts, it really has been a great creative outlet. And I love that candle you mentioned :) Kathy

Carla Gade said...

It's so true! I like your analogy with Hansel and Gretel!!