Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quilt Rack

My Gran used to say that idle hands were the Devil's workshop. I certainly have a hard time keeping DH's hands busy. If I don't help point him in the right direction, I pay by having a wall knocked down or some other crazy idea put in motion.

This week I started him on a quilt rack I really don't need and only mildly wanted. But I found a picture and then altered it to a rather peculiar size. It is smaller than most quilt racks, but I did not want to give up a lot of space in my room with the twin bed.

I have quilts that are not on racks, but today I played with putting my vintage tablecloths on the rack. I would love to have this in my kitchen, but alas, there is no room. Yes, I know, most people do not hang tablecloths in a bedroom, but I am not most people!  I might not leave this, but for today while I was digging in my linen cupboard, taking these cloths out sure freed up a nice chunk of room. I will see. Every day is a new day here.

DH? Oh, he is out in the shop right now making another one, a bigger one, for my sister!


Elephant's Child said...

Not only did it free up a chunk of room - it put beauty on display. Always a winner.
And it is hard to appreciate things stored in cupboards. Very hard.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Lovely! My father-in-law used to build things like that. The quilt my sorority sisters (Alpha Delta Pi) make for my wedding is on the quilt rack Papa made. :) Love your idea of using yours for your tablecloths. It works!

Sioux said...

If you had wall space in your kitchen, you could have DH make a wall rack, and you could display a quilt that way.

I think your tablecloths look charming on the rack. Who says that that rack is only for quilts? Perhaps it's a display rack, and can show off a variety of things...

Susan said...

Hello Claudia...

I LOVE it! Tell DH that he did a great job.

He could probably market those at a Farmer's Market or craft booth at a flea market. It's realy adorable.

Love it with the dish towels, Claudia. Can't wait to see the bigger one with the quilts! Susan p.s. thanks for your visits.