Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chairs for Chemo

                                                     Chairs waiting for some rehab!

My Tai Chi and Tea exercise group meets in the bottom of the Grace Episcopal Church. Most of the gals are members of the church, but a few are not including me. There were some old chairs falling down, and I asked Father Steve what plans were for the chairs. “Burn them, I guess,“ he said.
                                        A few children's chairs were donated to the cause!

But I came up with another idea and convinced DH to haul those old wooden chairs home and make them solid. Then I suggested to Father Steve that he have local artists paint the chairs, hold an auction, and give the proceeds to a charity. Father loved the idea. Since I am not member of the church,  I wanted to stay in the background without leading or organizing.


Today the artists were invited in to pick up their chairs. There was a tea party for them and for the organizers of the program. Chairs will be painted, press releases will be written, a float with chairs will be entered in the October Maple Leaf parade, and the chairs will be auctioned in November. The proceeds will go to help buy equipment for the hospital’s new chemo room that will enable people to take treatments here in town rather than driving to Joplin.

My part today was making cinnamon orange tea by the many pots full while there were savories and sweets served. It was a pleasant beginning for a great program. I am going to be happy to watch from the sidelines and hope to see many great chairs develop in the next few months!

There were even some chair cookies. 


Elephant's Child said...

Brilliant idea. Well done - on several levels. I love that the chairs are going to survive, and are going to help a more than worthy cause. The chair cookies are cute too.

Terra said...

You thought of such a great idea and it will benefit a lot of people. The artists will have fun decorating the chairs and I think they will raise a lot of money.

Linda O'Connell said...

My goodness what a fantastic idea. That is a Chicken Soup story!

Donna Volkenannt said...

That is such a creative and generous idea. Love the chair cookies too!

Lynn said...

You have such a giving heart and wonderful ideas that help so many. I can't wait to see the new artistic chairs - make sure you take pics! Love the chair cookies!

Marylin Warner said...

What an amazing, creative fundraiser, Claudia! This is wonderful--especially the cookie!--showing the full range of talents. We both chose CHAIRS as our themes this...brilliant minds think alike!
Seeing you assortment of chairs gave me all kinds of painting ideas, and your projects raised funds and goodwill for so many. Brava, Claudia. Well done!

Patricia A. Laster said...

Kudos to you and your creative ideas. No wonder you are also a poet. Glad to know you as a Bombadil and as a FB friend. xoxo

BECKY said...

What a brilliant idea, Claudia!! I would NEVER have thought of such a thing! Love the entire idea, from your first thoughts, to the tea party, auction, etc. The chair cookies are adorable! Even though you aren't a member of that particular church, makes it even more special, too, I think!

Susan said...

Oh Becky, what a wonderful project. And it was spearheaded by YOU! Good for you.

I'll bet some of the stories you submit will be accepted.

As for editing, I give a piece at least three read-throughs, including reading one time outloud.

Take care and good luck! Susan p.s. Bookie, thanks for all your visits and comments.

Jenny said...

What a great, great, great idea!

I might have liked the chair cookies best, though. (blush)