Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Season Is This Anyway?

Truly, the weather is crazy. Two days with lovely warm 83 degrees and now rain with freezing temps in the forecast. Lately we work like stevedores
here for a few hours or a day and then return to our chairs for reading wrapped in blankets while the gutters run. It is a slow business getting the yard into shape again.

DH has pulled the shrubs out in the front. It was a job for sure. While he hauled off stumps and tilled the earth, I mowed the back. Mower ran rough and DH ran for a replacement belt. Improvement was marginal! I was dead tired.
We will replace the shrubs, although we were told to do it first week in April. Well, that didn't work due to freezing and snow flurries. So now we are heading in the direction of getting this job done. Today we decided to replace one of the shrubs with statuary. I chose The Huntress because she holds a nest of birds and pats a dog—two of our favorite things! DH poured a pad for her to stand on with hopes the earth won’t shift as much this way. She is still in the truck because at 300 pounds, we are not sure how we will get her out. The men at the store had a fork lift. Hum….

Last fall, DH took down a crab tree in the back yard, one of my lilac bushes, and chopped hard at the remaining lilac so he could pull vehicles through the large gate. I know the lilacs will come back, but with the severe cut and the weirdo spring, I got no blooms this year. However, while mowing near the south side, I spotted these few blooms hanging near the bottom. I was so happy to see them. I brought this little fistful in to enjoy and to smell…until next year.

So tomorrow we will work again in the morning before the air turns in the afternoon. Then I have a book, a tea book thanks to blogger friend Lynn, and a new Writer magazine for settling in to deal with our spring-winter or winter-spring, however you see it.  Tomorrow is also the first of May, so Happy May Day to all!


Susan said...

Hi Bookie. The sculpture of the Huntress is fabulous. I LOVE that. How tall is she? Wow, that must have been expensive. At least she LOOKS pretty regal. Great job.

I know what you mean about the crazy weather. Hot one day, freezing the next. Can't tell you how many times I 've turned the little I-heater off, then on, then off again, etc. ha haha

Thanks for all your visits, Bookie.

Oh my! Your lilacs are out already? Not here. Still too cold. Susan

Lynn said...

My lilacs didn't last long enough for me to even go out and smell... silly weather. You all sound busy!