Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Sunday Musings

                                Ignore the wrinkle; I did!

Last week I expected company but plans changed.  I expected spring, but the season didn’t show. Four days of forecasted rain are on their way here now. I know, April Showers Make May flowers. But yesterday we had just a taste of what we are waiting for. Way too early for opening the deck or planting fragile plants, but the clover was mowed down, some minor repair on birdhouses, and one pot of blooms!

The first farmer’s market of the year opened, and I visited. Only one brave soul was there with just flowers. The blooms were gorgeous and I so wanted some geraniums, but sense prevailed. I will wait at least another two weeks. However a few pansies made their way home.

I swept out a corner of the deck, set out some ceramic bunnies, and potted the pansies. Now, even in the rain, I can look out and see a tiny corner, a small promise of what is to come. It was warm enough to eat a light lunch on the deck and think of future meals and gatherings there. Almost here!

Nice weather is conducive to reading outdoors. I took out my short stack that I am working on this weekend. The White (novel based on history about Shawnee captured white woman Mary Jamison in 1700’s), Wheat Belly (gluten free eating), The Burgess Boys (on Kindle) and Sabbath are the books I am working in now.

Tomorrow I start a book study with a group who will read Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest  together for a few weeks. I have started the chapter on rest and find this book full of thought provoking bits. One that I highlighted was an idea by Sharon Salzberg called “guerrilla compassion”.  It is merely blessing or noticing others at stop lights, bank, supermarkets with the silent thought of “May you be happy. May you be at peace.” I used to do something similar but have fallen out of practice. Salzberg reminds me to try again. Imagine if this world was filled with compassion for ALL those standing near us!


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

The concept of "guerrilla compassion" is interesting.

When I pass an accident site or see drivers acting crazy, I pray for those involved. I know people prayed for me during some difficult times and how much it meant.

Linda O'Connell said...

Prayer makes a difference. I love your pansies; are those Johnny jump ups?

Susan said...

Loved your post, Claudia. that book by Salzberg sounds so good.

Someimes, if I see a parent screaming at a child or treating the child roughly, I'll pray immediately for angels to surround both parent and child.

And for God to give the parent patience.

Ohhhhh, your little pansies are adorable. So glad you got started on spring flowers!

Oh! Farmers market opened? Lucky, lucky. Ours haven't begun yet. (They'd probably get snowed out.)

Have a good Monday. Susan

Jenny said...



They smile at my soul.

Lynn said...

Pretty table setting and lovely flowers.