Monday, April 8, 2013

Small Stones Poetry

Do you know about Small Stones writing? You can read it on Facebook at Writing Our Way Home.

It is simply a place to write tiny pieces of figurative language that try to capture a simple moment or experience in time. Writers post their efforts and leave comments on other writers’ work. It seems to be very popular because it is a creative outlet, and it allows a writer to dash off a line or two when she can’t seem to write longer pieces due to time or block.

Check it out. In the meantime I have included a few of my own stones from this past winter.

New Year’s beans bubble with expectation,
Boil in a broth of optimism.
Leaving the bed at dawn is challenging;
The cold bites my ankles, urges me to hurry.
Winter sky, the shades of a house mouse,
Hammers down my mind and soul,
Nailing me to a dark season.
Quiet wings crouching on bare limbs,
Muffled chirps instead of song,
Winter birds shudder and
Wait for spring too…
The earth and sky wrestle over spring this morning.
Heavy snow falls from gray skies, accumulates;
Streets puddle as warm earth melts the cascading flakes.
Who will win in March?


Linda O'Connell said...

Oh my goodness, your visuals are stunning. With brevity, you have painted such amazing pictures. Beautiful.

Jenny said...

This is neat. I love how you paint pictures with vowels and syllables!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Wonderful imagery, Claudia. And you know you've touched on one of my favorite things: micro stories! I'll definitely visit this link.

Lynn said...

I had heard of this from another blogger, although I never went to the site to post anything... and I tried to do it on my own, but felt like I failed miserably. And now after reading yours... well, I may have to just forget it!