Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Centus/Poncho's Save

Today Saturday Centus is using a picture prompt just like Friday Fictioneers! This was quite a challenge this morning. I am scrupulous about sticking to the 100 word limit, but today was a problem. I hope you give the gift of indulgence as I went a wee tad over. Sorry.

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 Poncho's Save
I grumbled watching the elf shovel grain into the trough. Reindeer got all the fame, and now they chomped the best meal. It was November and the North Pole was busy. All Donner and his buds did was eat, waiting to fly in December!

I scurried across the barn rafters waiting for leftovers and then Santa’s call came. A bad growing season in Georgia had ruined the pecan crop. What would the South do without pecan pie for Christmas?

So I, Poncho, saved the day. My friends and I set to work cracking and shelling. When the last meaty morsel was bagged and tied in red ribbon, Santa patted my hatted head in appreciation.

“Ah nuts, it warn’t nothin’”, I said, cheeks puffing with pride!


Susan said...

Awwwww, you painted a nice picture with words. I could just see that little puffy cheeked critter blushing in front of Santa! Nice job. Susan p.s. Thanks for all your visits and comments, Claudia!

marylin warner said...

I LOVED Poncho--well, actually, mostly I loved Poncho's Save. Delightful! Well done, Claudia.