Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Club Christmas Luncheon

This seems to be a real season of eating. Everyone wants to have a luncheon or dinner to celebrate the month of December. It is fun but it can make you feel bad; however, no one stops.

Yesterday the book club had their annual December luncheon out. We decided years ago to no hostessing with food and drink; there would be no house cleaning necessary for our book club. We met at the library, dashed in, discussed the book, and left to finish the rest of the day tending our own affairs. We did plan to eat a Christmas luncheon out each December.

This year we went to Mohaska Farmhouse, a new place. They bake their own breads and build a menu around bread dishes. They offer sandwiches, soups, and wood-fired pizzas with thick crusts. There is a Bohemian air about the place. Sawed circles of trees serve as the wall d├ęcor…interesting. If their fire ever burns low, I guess they can burn the walls!

Our December books are always slight volumes due to the busy season. We save the block buster, 500 page types for other times of the year. This year we had two small books: The Last Night at the Red Lobster and Billy Graham’s Nearing Home. I was sorely disappointed in both. No one had rave reviews for either book. One gal did like Red Lobster because of the great characterization the writer did in his story. However, she too agreed that the plot was lame….ended with no real resolution or direction.

We will take January off. River Town is the book for February. But there are many things to be done, many books to be read, many meals to be eaten before then!
                                                   Isn't this waitress a cutie?

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Susan said...

That sounded like a very nice gathering, Claudia. You are so lucky to belong to a book club. Sounds like fun. Nice to be with others who also love books. Susan