Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday/Occupied Japan

The quick trip into a flea market a few days ago yielded a few finds. It was very interesting because the store had several booths with many things marked Occupied Japan. I asked the clerk if they were all booths owned by the same person. No. they were all different people. The clerk also said that people had been coming in for a year or more asking for Occupied Japan things and she had none. Suddenly this summer many vendors were bringing in various things with the mark. Now, what goes with this market, I wonder?

I was not looking for a thing, just cruising around with an open mind. The things I bought were not extraordinary finds for me, but they were so cheap I could not leave them there! The first was a bone china cup made in England. Roses are always nice and the cup is delicate under the waffling gold lip.

The second cup was pretty enough, but it was also bone china and made in Occupied Japan. This cup has a lovely heft to it, and the china is so thin you can see shadows of your fingers behind it.

The milk glass styled vase was practically a giveaway. One can always use a nice white vase for flowers any time of the year.

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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Bookie,
Thank you for stopping by. Nice teacups and the white vase is very much like my pink one. Great finds! Have a lovely week.


Martha said...

Nice tea cups -- good finds! Don't you love it when you're not searching for anything and something finds you!

Terri said...

These are pretty good finds for not really looking for anything. I love the Rosina cup. I have always liked that company. The roses on it are so lovely and the cup has such a vintage look to it.
The second cup looks very pretty. I too love the paper thin bone china tea cups. The tea always tastes so good in them.
The milk glass vase is lovely. I think milk glass might be becoming a little more popular these days.
Thanks so much for sharing your finds with us.

Susan said...

Well my gosh, Claudia. Those are all beautiful finds. Beautiful!

Your fall decor yesterday inspired me to change my spring decorations out on the front porch!

Oh, by the way, remember the little African figures on my post this week? You'll never believe this, but I found them in a DOLLAR Store! Can you imagine? Each one was one greenback dollar. Unbelievable.

Take care, Claudia, and thanks so much for your faithful visits and comments. Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Lovely! We have a few items from occupied Japan that came to us through Papa, who was stationed there immediately after WWII. They are beautiful.