Monday, August 13, 2012

Superman Museum and Dark Chocolate

After looking at bergs in Southeast Kansas on the weekend, we continued to follow Route 66 home. This took us through Carterville, Missouri and right by the Superman Museum! It is really more of a man’s hobby, but it is a neat collection of Superman memorabilia!

Also housed here is a small ice cream shop. Six small tables and a tiny counter, but the ice cream is way above average. You could also watch old Superman movies that were running while eating your ice cream. This one was a 1950 version--even before the George Reeves Superman I knew in later 50's!

The ice cream man gave very generous samples! Among my samples, why Superman ice cream of course! 

However, he sold me on Zanzabar Chocolate, the best chocolate ever tasted. It is made from a high grade dark chocolate and is as dark as river mud! Wonderful!

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Lynn said...

Superman ice cream looks interesting. Is it a kind of sherbert? But Zanzabar, mmmmm. Nothing like good ice cream!