Friday, August 24, 2012

An Award Today

Dear Becky over at  won a Reader Appreciation Award and then passed it on to me. The Reader Appreciation Award is given to writers who have supported other writers’ blogs. I hope to do my own award justice! Becky writes humor and works on a memoir that is in the development stages. Visit her for grins and giggles.
There are just a few guidelines for accepting this award:
l) Acknowledge the giver of the award and provide a link to his or her blog. 
2) Copy and paste the award to your blog. 
3) Pass the award on to up to ten bloggers. 
4) Notify the selected bloggers of their nominations. 
And now for my nominees. (Please do not feel obligated to accept and/or pass this award on to others, due to whatever reasons.)

1.Rebecca at  Actually Rebecca writes many blogs. How does she ever keep up?!? I first found her at her thrifty blog. She is a Thrifter Deluxe. When she finds a bargain, she shows readers a picture, sometimes before and after. Her home is charming with tidbits from here and there that are added to a dash of her own originality.

2. Linda at Linda writes a bit of everything with humorous poetry being a special forte. She shares writing ideas and writing ops along with sharing her daily living escapades. I met her once for only a few minutes in St. Louis. Hers is a blog you will want to follow and she will lead you to more interesting bloggers too.

3. Martha at  Oh Martha is who I want to be when I grow up!! She won my heart with all the tablescapes she shows in blue and white dishes. She has a love for all things British and has spent long spans of time visiting England. She is a tea lover too! Meeting her in person is on my bucket list because she lives not that far from me in Kansas, a state I love.

4. Susan at  Wow, Susan lives a long way away, but she is one of the first bloggers that caused me to hit the Follow button. She writes from New England, and she too is a thrifter. She has a beautiful home and sets a lovely table, often with Polish recipes! I won a giveaway once from her blog, and it was a box just full of fun things. She likes color, collects dolls, and takes many great photos.

5. Lynn at is another Missouri writer who I met indirectly from the Joplin F5 tornado! When my writer group sponsored an anthology of weather-related pieces in order to raise money for school libraries victimized by the tornado, Lynn won a spot in the book. Then when the book launch occurred in December of that year, she drove down from St. Louis and also brought a van load of books for children who had lost their homes.

I do appreciate these blogs and the many more that I read regularly. If you are a blogger, you know it can be time consuming to visit everyone every day. If you are reading here, I appreciate you too. Please leave a comment and come back to chat often!


BECKY said...

Hi Claudia! Thanks for accepting the award! It looks like you chose wonderful bloggers, because I'm a follower of three of the five. Now I just need to hop over and meet Rebecca and Martha! Thanks, too, for your kind words about me. We definitely WILL meet one of these days, when I'm traveling around in my little PT Cruiser! :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, Claudia. I AM honored by your kind words. I enjoyed your description of the other bloggers, too - most of whom I follow :)

Lynn said...

Thanks Claudia - so sweet of you to nominate me. I'm going to try and pass the award along - I still owe Linda from another award - maybe I can do both at the same time :-)

Susan said...

Oh, Claudia. You are very sweet. I loved reading about all my dear fellow bloggers.

I am award-free, however, but still feel very honored that you thought of me.

Love reading your blog and I'm so delighted to know you. Warmly, Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

Thank you! You are too kind. Have a great week.

Marylin Warner said...

Claudia, your photography and wonderful descriptions are a delight. I live in Colorado but return to Kansas to visit my mother each month, and in between visits I find your blog a reminder of why I love Kansas. I have nominated you for the ONE LOVELY BLOG award. Visit my blog for details:
We shortened the responses (because I was answering questions for my mother) but the full list in available.
Keep up the good work!