Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rainy Day and An Answer

Yesterday it tried to rain all day, but clouds and humidity was the best we got. The day was gray and oddly enough several trees on our street are turning colors already. The days inch towards autumn...a mixed blessing. Of course a lot of trees and shrubs are dying after this blistering heat coupled with rain shortages two summers in a row.

The rain came today, a divine gift of slow and steady showers all day, an answer to many prayers. Reminded me I needed to answer on the mystery item. But first I read and read...and read. I have done some laundry, fixed a meal of leftovers, but I have read the rest of the previous 12 hours. I read something that is not me at all, and I won't pursue more of it. But I can now speak intelligently from knowledge about these books instead of an emotional response. Enough said.

This is a button polisher! The wedge closes down on buttons on an army uniform. Then the "brass" can be polished with a cream or paste that won't get on the freshly laundered shirt or jacket. How smart is this device!


Martha said...

We got the rain. That's a neat gadget.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh my gosh, it makes perfect sense, that gadget.

I feel like this summer was a rip off. My bushes are nearly dead. I wasn't able to sit outside and read at all. I love fall and am also looking forward to it.
We received a little rain here.
have a great week Claudia.

Rebecca said...

We got some rain, too! But it is VERY hot and muggy this afternoon....

What an interesting devise, Claudia!

And you MUST now how curious I am to know what you were reading :)

Susan said...

Oh wow, Bookie, I never would have guessed button polisher. Wow.

Some of the trees here are starting to turn, too, but I quickly move my eyes away from them. NOT ready for fall. Not, not, not.

Take care and thanks for all your faithful visits and comments. Susan