Sunday, September 25, 2011

Way West, Day Two

Day Two ...Driving was lovely today as we moved across Kansas. The fields of row crops and corn stalks the color of tea stain waiting for harvesting gave way to sage and desert looking soil. I caught a glimpse of a pheasant which is hard to do these days. I wished we could have gone back to watch him a while.

In Mead we drove by a one-time hide out of the Dalton Gang. We were too early for a tour. Supposedly the outlaws used an underground path from the house to the barn to escape the law.

In Liberal we looked up the air museum again. Enjoyed it all over one more time and missed seeing a B17 by three weeks. The big item of interest here is a B 25 Mitchell,,,also a plane like the one President Geo. H. Bush flew and crashed into the WWII Pacific.


Susan said...

Oh, Bookie, I'm so excited for you and your trip. Have FUN! Looking forward to your posts. Susan from

BECKY said...

More great photos and info about your travels! Loved this, especially the small air museum!