Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Short List of Fall Writing Ops

The weather continues to flip flop faster than an old lady's house slippers! Yesterday it was 100, and now the air this morning has slipped to 64 degrees! It is very autumnal out there, damp with a ring of coming winter. Yikes.

Busy making plans to see our children, working around some duties and hoping for some fun on the way. I would hope some writing inspirations would creep in along the way. Below are a few writing ops that have come my way. Maybe they will entice you to submit!

Mason's Road is an online literary journal sponsored by Fairfield University's MFA in Creative Writing. Run by the graduate students in the program, each issue focuses on a writing craft theme. Contributions are accepted in Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Art, and Audio.

As a literary journal with an educational twist, Mason’s Road aims to focus each issue on a particular element of the writing craft. For our upcoming issue, we are looking for submissions that engage us in considering the opportunities and complexities of “image”— whether you’re building a two or three dimensional picture in our mind’s eye, developing an abstract metaphor, or creating your own interpretation only limited by your imagination.

The reading period for Issue #4 is August 15 – November 15, 2011.
Submissions Link:
Esquire and Aspen Writers' Foundation Present THE SHORT SHORT FICTION CONTEST

Win a trip to New York to study with Colum McCann, and a scholarship to the Aspen Summer Words Fiction Workshop. If you can beat Colum McCann (in 78 words).

It is closer to poetry than it is to fiction. Everything matters. Just a simple paragraph break can have enormous narrative consequences. This is not a Twitter game. This is the search for a white star of language.
Call for submissions: Artichoke Haircut

Artichoke Haircut is currently accepting submissions for its Winter 2012 issue.
We accept fiction, poetry, memoir (though very little, so make it good), and artwork.

Submissions will remain open thru Dec.19th.
Guidelines for submission to our magazine are fairly open. Send up to three poems of any length, or one prose piece not to exceed 3,000 words. We do not have style guidelines per say, but keep in mind we are a magazine with tendencies more toward newer and experimental modes of seeing. That being said, we only really have one rule of thumb: If it's good it goes in, if it is not it doesn't.

Send all submissions to (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail), making sure to include contact info in the body of the email (please no cover letters, bios will be requested upon acceptance), and the type of submission (e.g. fiction, poetry, art, nonfiction) in the subject.
You may find more information at:


Linda O'Connell said...

Thank you for the info. Have a fun trip. The weather is beyond crazy, like the gas prices which fluctuate daily and sometimes from hour to hour.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bookie, have a wonderful time with your kiddos. Hope the weather is good and that you have lots of fun and memory-making. Thanks for the markets. Susan from

irishoma said...

Thanks, Claudia. These are great!
Hope you enjoy your trip.