Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend, 2011

Missouri weather knows nothing but extremes. This morning was quite chilly for a while…our deck said 60 after nearly 100 yesterday. It is wild here, but the cool is a fitting relief.

All summer this gerbera daisy made it through the feverish heat and parching dryness with nothing but green foliage, nary a bud. So imagine my surprise when this one lovely flower appeared on Labor Day weekend, saying goodbye to summer is my guess.

The begonias and Mexican petunias are still thriving while ferns look a little wan. One lantana is left for hummers and butterflies, but all else is gone. Occasional small pumpkins appear at the farmers’ market, another sign that summer exits.

Labor Day always meant the return to school for me those many years ago. It was exciting seeing farm friends again, wearing new penny loafers, plaid school dresses, and carrying a new zippered notebook. (Oh, how uncool today!) The weekend opened up the season for football games, sweatshirts, and I could look forward to my birthday in October.

I don’t remember white pumpkins when I was a kid, but I certainly love them now. The first tiny pumpkins this year are white ones. They were four for a dollar on Saturday, and though I can’t make a pie with them, I had to have a couple to sit about for the season.

Apples are coming on and a friend has asked me to ride to the orchard with her this week. When our children were small, we stayed off the busy highways on Labor Day, but sometimes we took boys and dog for a short ride to the Missouri orchards. While I will love the ride with friends this year, I will miss both tots and dog.

Keeping with the tradition of sticking close to home on this holiday, DH and I savor our deck, under umbrella heat yesterday and autumn cool today, for reading. The fruity teas of summer changed to malty black and a cranberry one this morning. Last night was popcorn and a re-watching of Dances with Wolves. It has been so long since we had seen the movie that it was fresh again, the scenery dazzling and the story heart-rending.


Linda O'Connell said...

Sounds like an inviting weekend, popcorn and movie, decorating, cooler temps, finally.

Bethe77 said...

Your flower is lovely. Cool temps for you is awesome! Sounds like a lovely weekend and full of wonderful memories of Septmebers past!

BECKY said...

Hi Claudia! Yes,what a welcome the cooler temps are! A 30 degree drop in one day....Yep, that's Missouri! Fall is my favorite season...sweatshirts and jeans...and the pretty decor like you have. I also like the new white pumpkins. The Ronald and I also enjoyed our deck yesterday....oh, and so did Vern! I'm sorry you don't have a doggy anymore. I know you miss having one.

Tammy said...

Beautiful pictures...and memories!

irishoma said...

What great photos. I don't remember white pumpkins either, but I love Missouri in autumn.